golden-colored xcmg cranes shining on indonesian island

Indonesia – August 24, 2017 –As a pivotal hub along the “Belt and Road”, Indonesia has witnessed considerable progress generated by China’s “B&R” initiative. Mainland China has a year-on-year increase of about 324% in terms of its investment to Indonesia in 2017, maintaining the position as the biggest trading partner for Indonesia. Against such positive backdrop, Chinese enterprises have actively entered fields such as transportation, electric power, telecommunication, mining, financing, machinery manufacturing, e-commerce and etc., displaying great potential for cooperation between these two countries. XCMG, as a pioneer and representative of China’s construction machinery manufacturer, is fully involved in the infrastructure construction and energy development process in Indonesia, while golden-colored XCMG cranes are shining on Indonesian island, becoming beautiful scenery.

Indonesia has the world’s largest reserve of nickel ore. Construction projects on the exploitation of nickel ore have been conducting on full swing inside the Indonesia Wanxiang Ferronickel Industry Park.  One XCMG truck crane with the loading capacity of 25t is working for the installation of XCMG tower crane. It is said by the manager of the construction projects that dozens of XCMG cranes have been performing an excellent job for their work.

Inside the Industry Park, two XCMG truck cranes, namely QY75 and QY25BY are joining hands for the construction of a power plant.

XCMG crawler crane QUY650 has been engaged in the construction of drilling platform in Indonesia. QUY650 was exported to Indonesia in September 2014 and has been working for three years without any deficiencies. Its outstanding reliability has won widespread recognition and praise from local customers.

XCMG crawler crane XGC16000 has been dedicated to the construction project in the Indonesia ocean zone. XGC16000 is the largest tonnage of crawler crane exported from China to Indonesia.

In the capital of Indonesia, Djakarta, the Resistance-8 SCBD Senopati, which is 280 meter in height, is under construction. Two XCMG tower cranes have been performing for the new landmark building in Indonesia.