XCMG Holland AMCA Knocks on the Market Gate of OEM IN THE U.S.

XCMG Holland AMCA has successfully delivered APV32 underground loader-used load-sensing proportional hydraulic valves recently, winning customer's trust with advanced technology, quick solution design and short delivery cycle, and making a great breakthrough regarding the development in OEM market.


PV32 underground loader-used load-sensing proportional hydraulic valve of XCMG Holland AMCA

JOY GLOBAL, a US enterprise with a hundred-year history, is a world famous underground and open-air mining equipment manufacturer. It is reported that 11 sets of high-flow proportional valves have been sold since being developed at the end of 2016 by XCMG AMCA and the valves are selected and acknowledged in engineering machinery, marine machinery, and shipborne equipment industries. With a maximum pressure of 400 Bar and flow of 1000 L/min, APV32 hydraulic valves, customized for the US customers, belong to the same spectral sequence with high-flow proportional valves.


XCMG AMCA high-flow proportional valves are selected and acknowledged in engineering machinery, marine machinery and shipborne equipment industries.

Under comprehensive consideration of users’ actual needs at the beginning of design, the team employs a modular structure to make the design to be more compact, with flexible assemblies so as to realize multiple functions. The anti-saturation flow design makes it easy and simple to perform operation, realizes multiple control modes, such as electric, hydraulic, and manual control, while provides remote control by using the telecontrol system.



After finishing the test on the installation of the underground loader-used hydraulic valve, XCMG Holland AMCA will initiate the designing of the hydraulic valves for mining dump trucks with customers together. The breakthrough in the international OEM market will mark another important start for XCMG Holland AMCA to integrate with the international market and improve the product brand image and market position substantially.