XCMG Becomes No.1 Exporter of Pavers with An Increase by 85.11%!

Good news has kept pouring in XCMG recently. The latest customs data show that: The pavers export of XCMG increases by 85.11% over the same period of the preceding year, surpassing that of Vögele manufactured by the German Wirtgen Group for the first time. XCMG also owns the most export market share in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Central Asia and delivers good performance in Indonesia and Pakistan.

XCMG Pavers at the Construction Site in Kenya

XCMG: No.1 Exporter of Pavers

There is particularly fierce competition in the international market of construction maintenance machinery which is monopolized by international brands. As a national brand in China, XCMG pavers lead the domestic market while actively participating in international market competition. Especially after the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, XCMG has worked closely with central construction enterprises and formed strategic alliances with them to jointly provide reliable construction products for countries along the Belt and Road and strengthen the service and spare parts systems to ensure construction quality and efficiency. XCMG pavers are well received by the client in the rural road reconstruction and upgrading project in Kenya in Africa.

XCMG Pavers Contribute to the Road Construction in Maldives

XCMG Pavers at the Construction Site in Tanzania

XCMG Pavers at the Construction Site in Kenya

XCMG road equipment is exported to over 100 countries and regions

The customs data also show that XCMG experiences considerable increases in the exports of road rollers and land graders, especially in the markets of Asia Pacific and Africa. The road rollers, land graders, pavers and other leading products of XCMG are best sellers in the domestic industry, and the sales of largest-tonnage road rollers top in the world. XCMG road equipment is widely used in various fields of infrastructure construction, such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, mines, hydroelectric energy and telecommunications, and the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the North and South Americas.