XCMG in the Year of 2018: Our Aspirations to Build and Lead

January comes the time to reflect and relate to the ever-changing landscape of both local and global construction machinery activities. Last year, XCMG interpreted construction machinery as no other companies could have possibly imagined it:


The honor of having President Xi visiting XCMG’s headquarters



The first hoisting of the ‘world’s no.1 crane’ XGC88000 on an island refinery site


The debut of the world’s first 8-axle all-terrain crane XCA1200


Exports of complete sets of large-scale mining equipment



The launch of the XCMG IoT system covering over 400,000 pieces of equipment



The construction of the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s stadiums in Qatar


All these accomplishments are the distillation of XCMG’s gold standard ‘Advanced and Endurable’ and product strategy ‘Advanced, Valued, High-end and Colossal”.


A New Future on the Horizon

Only in its beginning, the year of 2018 already looks like a time rich with promise for XCMG and the construction machinery industry. In the journey from then to now, XCMG has grown to be the only Chinese construction machinery manufacturer in the top 10 of KHL’s Yellow Table these few years, and at the top among all Chinese counterparts on the list of the 14th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2017, with a brand value of 512.43 billion Yuan. This year, riding a tide of globalization and intellectualization, we will continue to capitalize on our engineering expertise and the worldwide support, and strive to thrive on our competitive strategy – becoming one of the world’s top 5 in 2020, and then top 3 in 2025.



Strategic Planning in 2018

To this end, we are counting on an enormous shift in our superstructure towards a more globally realized system. Our main focuses would be 1) economic growth in accordance with quality and effectiveness, 2) an efficient flow of a manufacturing structure, and 3) the advanced features and reliability of our machinery. With our goals in mind, we would pay equal attention to our different areas of strength, namely construction machinery, heavy-duty trucks, the environmental industry and open-pit mining equipment. Half of our share will lie in international trade in 3 years’ time, and an overseas spread of glocalized manufacturing and KD assembly plants will further assist in mergers and acquisitions to build a mature multinational enterprise and a global brand image.



Steering XCMGers to Global Outlooks and Standards

As a forward-thinking world leader, we invest in innovations and worldwide businesses, and propel our members towards elevation to industry leaders. Our future missions include rising to the technical challenges faced by every member of the industry, expanding our research institutes in Xuzhou, Germany, Brazil and America, fighting against a ‘hollowing out’ of construction machinery, putting more efforts in military equipment, and intellectualizing our corporate system.



This is the best of times for our rise to global standing. 2018 would be a pivotal year for us, as we will soon start to loom large as a towering corporate image on the global stage, second to none.