Amazing! XCMG G1 Crane Products Are Sent to Hong Kong!

Each of the G1 products has its own advantages that make it distinctive. Which are the top three most popular products? Clients in Hong Kong gave the answers at the delivery ceremony. Read more to learn if those were your choices too.



As the new year of 2018 just began, three models of G1 cranes, i.e. two units of XCT55L6, one unit of XCA60 and one unit of XCA220, were sent to Hong Kong.

At 10 am on January 9, it was drizzling and the delivery ceremony of the G1 cranes was held in Hong Kong. The three models of G1 cranes made a remarkable debut. Dozens of members from the Hoisting Industry Association of Hong Kong and nearly one hundred enterprise leaders were present to witness the debut of the G1 cranes.



In the display area, many clients were attracted by the products. They learned the details and quality of the G1 crane produced by XCMG, spoke highly of the scientific human-machine interaction system, and admired the XCMG crane products for their super performance.



At the delivery ceremony, Mr. He, a client representative from Hong Kong, shared passionately his experience in using XCMG cranes for more than ten years. He spoke highly of the superior performance and high reliability of XCMG cranes and expressed thanks to XCMG for its decades of support for his business.

The climax came when the golden key was delivered. Wang Wancai, executive deputy general manager of marketing in the XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division of XCMG, handed over four golden keys that carried the best wishes of XCMG to the four clients. All the guests proposed a toast to the four bosses as congratulations. Following the traditional customs in Hong Kong, the guests cut a roast pig and expressed good wishes for the future.



Owing to their wide popularity and superior performance, XCT55L6 and XCA220 were favored by the clients in Hong Kong. It was the first time for these two models to enter the Hong Kong market. XCA60 successfully secured more orders from the clients in Hong Kong due to its outstanding performance as the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The intention to order more than ten products was reached at the delivery ceremony.



The G1 cranes displayed at the ceremony were sent to the construction sites in different places of Hong Kong after the product promotion meeting, bringing the strength of XCMG for a better future of Hong Kong.