New Year Celebration Party of XCMG Import and Export Corporation

On February 2nd, the new year celebration party themed on “New Era, New Mission, New Success, New Journey” of XCMG Import and Export Corporation was held as scheduled. The openingVCRof “Top Ten Events in 2017” brought all the staffs the retrospection on the glorious 2017 of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. In the past year, products of XCMG were exported to 178 countries and regions with an export growth up to 90%, ranking NO.8 among the global construction machinery brands.

An ebullient red silk dance Wish You Good Luck presented by new employees officially opened the new-year celebration party, showing the youthful vigor and infinite passion of young staffs. Thereafter, six yoga enthusiasts preformed wonderful yoga dance the Myth of Star and Moon, presenting the positive and energetic mental outlook of staffs in our company.


Joyous red silk dance Wish You Good Luck

Yoga dance the Myth of Star and Moon

Chairman Mr. Wang Min came to the celebration party, immediately pushing the atmosphere to the climax. General Manager Mr. Liu Jiansen, together with XCMG management team members, read the important speech delivered byChina’s President Mr. Xi Jinping at XCMG and took all the staffs to make a solemn swear. Chairman Mr. Wang Min shared the ardent words of President Xi, explained the deep connotation of the “ four firm persistence” of XCMG and presented the prospective future of XCMG”s reforms and innovations in 2018. He also admired the great efforts made by staffsof XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. in the past year as well as affirmed the excellence of this brave and diligent internationalized talent team cultivated by XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd.Chairman Mr. Wang Min also gave message to all the staffs that time waited for no man and everyone got to seize the day---- hold the dream, focus on the market and take actions, love XCMG and devote to XCMG, be loyal to the Party and win honor for China, keep hard working and make more achievement to become pioneers of XCMG’s internationalization.


Chairman Mr. Wang Min gives message to pioneers of XCMG’s internationalization


General Manager Mr. Liu Jiansen, together with the management team members, read the important speech delivered by China’s President Mr. Xi Jinping at XCMG


During the annual celebration party, there were various performances, such as the chorus RongHua (Elapsed Youth), The Motherland Will Not Forget, Great Asia, Young Battlefield and Breeze in the Wheat Field elaborately prepared by the Party branches, presenting the team spirit of staffs of XCMG Import and Export of being one heart and making concerted efforts. The comedy New Legend of White Snake integrated with lots of modern elements gained popularity among the audience with its humorous language and interest. The pop song Life in Full Bloom showed the stamina and determination of XCMG e-commerce staffs to assist XCMG in the internationalized transformation and upgrading. Retired employees also shared their past hard work experience at XCMG.


The song RongHua (Elapsed Youth) with remembrance of the past time


The Motherland Will Not Forget expresses the dedication spirit of staffs of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd.


Great Asia shows the determination to expand overseas market


Young Battlefield presents the diligence and enterprising spirit of young staffs


Breeze in the Wheat Field


Life in Full Bloom delivers the determination of XCMG in e-commerce internationalized transformation and upgrading


Plank competition

Plank competition VS fashion show

At the annual meeting, overseas staffs in the U.S.A., Kazakhstan and Bengal etc. delivered their new-year wish through videos. Those overseas staffs who devoted themselves to the internationalization cause of XCMG put aside the chance to get together with their families and stick to their overseas work, to which we all admire and appreciate considerably. Chairman Mr. Wang Min connected to the overseas staffs at the celebration party, sending them new-year wish and warm greetings. The oversea distributors also sent new-year greeting by videos.


Chairman Mr. Wang Min connects to the oversea hard-working staffs


Major customer from the world’s famous mining company sends new-year wishes

As the pioneer of XCMG’s internationalization, we will rise to the challenge with higher target, higher stance and more efforts in 2018. We will keep in mind the ardent encouragement and expectation of China’s President Xi Jinping as well as the hope of Chairman Mr. Wang Min, insist on the principle of “four firm persistence”, anchor firmly the “three haves and one be able” growth target of having good quality, benefit and large scale and being sustainable by the great industrial ambition and strategic focus, strive for a new era, dare to take new missions, jointly achieve new success and step on new journey to provide everlasting products with leading technology and high-quality services to global customers as well as offer to the world an international brand from China.  


Chairman Mr. Wang Min takes a group photo with staffs of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd.