XCMG Brazil’s Equipment into South American Mainstream Market with Nearly RMB 300 Million of Bid Winning and Strong Presence

XCMG Brazil obtains a big order of nearly RMB 300 million in military usage and a good start at the beginning of 2018.

Making New Achievements in Epidemic Situation

At the beginning of 2018, the spread of yellow fever has cast a cloud over the whole Brazil. However, “we must hold on in difficult times.” Under the harsh environment, guided by Chairman Wang Min and Party Committee of XCMG Brazil, our staff still forge ahead without any stepping back. XCMG Brazil has won in fierce competitions among numerous high-end brands such as Carter, Komatsu, and New Holland etc. through its leading technology advantages, excellent product quality, perfect service guarantee and strong brand influence, and has obtained the big order in military usage worth of nearly RMB 300 million including 400 complete sets of equipment such as graders, excavators, backhoe loaders, and road rollers etc.

On the morning of January 30 in Brazil, XCMG Brazil’s leaders, staff representatives, and Project Acceptance Engineer witnessed the historic moment together. The bid winning has powerfully shown XCMG “High-End and World-Class” brand image in South American mainstream market.

Focusing on Market and Starting New Journey in South America

2018 is the new starting point, new journey, and new hope. Under the opportunity of a small economic recovery in Brazil and Latin America in 2018 as well as the challenges of uncertainties such as Brazil’s policy environment, XCMG Brazil will focus on its development strategy of “deeply rooted in Brazil, excellent development in Brazil, and covering the whole South America”, and persist in the product strategy of “high end, high technology content, high added value, and large tonnage” based on 40% of growth against odds in 2017; deeply implement XCMG’s development philosophy of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”, and follow the “three-step” research and development mode of globalized and coordinated research and development, product adaptability improvement, and localized technology transformation; enhance the core competitiveness of localized products, positively influence industrial benchmark customers and governmental bidding, occupy the high-end mainstream market in South America, seize the opportunity of management enhancement, optimize internal management, continue to control risks and improve operation quality.

All the XCMG Brasil staff will carry out President Xi Jinping’s hope and implement the “four key principles” required by him; work in a hard, diligent, concerted, devoted and decisive manner, strive to achieve the growth goals of “quality, benefits, scale and sustainable development” and create the “world-class enterprise”, promote the transformation of Chinese Products to Chinese Brands through global expansion, and contribute Chinese power in the competition of global engineering machinery.