XCMG-Manufactured Equipment to be Transported to a “Belt and Road” Country for Tunnel Construction

In late August, 6 three-arm drill jumbos and 1 concrete sprayers will be transported to a construction site in a “Belt and Road" country to assist local infrastructure construction.



The XCMG-manufactured mortar sprayer


The three-arm drill jumbo is a kind of rock drilling equipment used in tunnel drilling and blasting. It is mainly used to drill laneways and tunnels in mines and other underground projects. The equipment is able to move flexibly by its own power, drill rock at high speeds and work efficiently. Equipped with three sets of heavy-duty drilling arms to keep parallel in all aspects, the jumbo is a powerful tool for the mechanized construction of tunnels.



During the past two years, XCMG has been committed to tunneling and underground space. The Group has participated in the construction of many super-long tunnels. It has overcome various complex geological difficulties and, by providing complete sets of equipment, won the trust of customers.


The XCMG-manufactured drill jumbo was used in the construction of the third longest road tunnel in the world


XCMG started the development of the three-arm drill jumbo in 2010 and the first product rolled off the assembly line and launched on the market in 2012. The drill jumbo has been used to assist many national key projects. Through constant technological innovation, the performance, stability and construction efficiency of the product have been steadily improved, winning recognition and acclaim from the market.


The container for the maintenance of the drill jumbo


In addition to high-quality products, XCMG Railway Equipment Inc. provides the project department with professional operators and experienced maintenance personnel, who are responsible for equipment debugging, daily maintenance and construction and other tasks. XCMG also provides the project department with professional training on operation and maintenance, which helps customers to cultivate a professional construction team for tunnel engineering.

In the field of tunnel construction, mechanized tunnel construction cannot only improve work efficiency, improve the safety factor, improve the working environment and reduce work intensity, but also ensure project quality and conserve resources effectively, gradually replacing the traditional and extensive “people tactics.”


Mechanized tunnel construction


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XCMG Railway Equipment Inc. will export its equipment for tunnel and underground space construction to a “Belt and Road” country this time after its bridge construction and railway maintenance equipment was successfully used in the construction of Ethiopia’s WM Railway and Angola’s Luanda Airport Road.

With the overall implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, more construction equipment will be used in construction projects in “Belt and Road” countries and XCMG will play the leading role in the process.


Bridge construction equipment manufactured by XCMG was used in the Ethiopia's WM Railway project