XCMG Cranes Helped Hoist Large Flower Basket on Tian’anmen Square for National Day Celebration

Big flower basket in position to celebrate the National Day

Days ago, the large flower baskets were installed on Tian’anmen Square to celebrate the National Day. After working for seven days and nights, two XCMG cranes hoisted the main structure of the flower baskets, ensuring they are ready to celebrate the National Day by expressing people’s blessings for the national prosperity and boom. 

The flower baskets use the steel framework with the body made of glass steel standing still in the force 10 gale. The basket top is 17 meters high, equipped with 92 huge flowers whose diameters range between 1.5 and 2 meters. 

Flamingo flowers represent loyalty to the PartyDifferent from conventional flowers such as peony, Chinese rose and lotus used in previous years, the large flower baskets this year select flamingo flowers for the first time. Flamingo flower is shaped like the red heart or the palm, representing loyalty to the Party. Besides, carnation is also placed in the flower basket. At the same time, the flower basket also contains conventional flowers such as plum blossom, sunflower, orchid, Chinese rose and magnolia that carry the auspicious meaning. Besides, the lesser bougainvillea flowers, Chinese ivy, poinsettia, yellow and orange small chrysanthemum are also placed in the basket, either beside other flowers or in the lower part of the basket. 

On September 14, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping publicized the plan of flower decoration on Tian’anmen Square and along the Chang’an Street for the 2018 National Day Festival. On that night, XCMG drove into the middle of the Tian’anmen Square to hoist the steel structure. On September 19, two XCMG cranes worked together to place the basket on the support.