XCMG Exported Largest Flat-top Tower Crane to South America

On September 19, 2018, XCMG Tower Crane held the ceremony in Xuzhou manufacturing base to ship its XGT8075-40 to South America, the largest flat-top tower crane exported by China to the continent. 

This large machine, which is the result of XCMG Tower Crane employees’ wisdom and efforts, takes the mission of “building the world”, was about to be shipped to the distant South America to help build a large hydraulic power station, marking XCMG Tower Crane has made a solid step towards its Going International and product strategy. By making this major step, it will be recorded as a milestone in the export history of tower cranes from China. 

Since entering South America market in 2008, XCMG Tower Crane, relying on the abundant product portfolio and reliable product quality, has gained favor from local customers, receiving orders from local large construction companies and overseas engineering bureaus of Chinese companies. 

The XGT8075-40 exported to South America is another major model of XCMG flat-top tower cranes, which will be used in construction of bridges, water projects, petrochemicals and metallurgy. It excels among many competitors and wins favor from clients because of its proprietary AMCS intelligent butler system, the safe and precise Snail control technology, the upload direct link design technology, the super-hoisting PLUS technology, the efficient and fuel-efficient self-adaption control technology. 

As prefabricated buildings rise and engineering techniques are reformed, tower crane technology is embracing large, flat-top, intelligent and green development. 

Since XCMG’s XCP330 (7525-18) flat-top tower crane won the Award of China’s Top 50 Engineering Machinery Products for the Year, the XCMG flat-top tower cranes are having large product portfolio, whose quality gains great praise. In 2017, XGT7530-20 flat-top tower crane received the title of Most Influential Product for the Year. In 2018, XGT8020-16 flat-top tower crane again won the Award of China’s Top 50 Engineering Machinery Products for the Year. New breakthroughs have been made in the development of flat-top tower cranes. XCMG is steering the new direction of technologies in construction cranes.