XCMG, First Choice of Joint Hoisting Operations

Crane joint hoisting is not only the greatest challenge confronting crane operators, but also the severest test of each crane. We can often see dozens of cranes working together to install the large steel structures and net racks. Many hoisting professionals say such hoisting must have two basic qualifications.


I. The crane performance should be 100% reliable; II. The operator should have great proficiency.


Case 1: building a steel-structure workshop

Products: two XCMG 25t cranes

Key words: safety and efficiency

Case 2: Install the roof of toll gate in Shaanxi

Products: eight units of XCMG cranes ranging from 25t to 70t

Key words: stability

Case 3: hoist in a shipyard in Chongqing

Products: four units of XCMG 25t and 50t cranes

Key words: continuous and intensive operation

Case 4: install roof of a gas station in Anhui

Products: four cranes of XCT20L5, QY25K5 and 20B.5

Key words: micro-motion

The above four cases are most-common working conditions of joint hoisting by a few cranes. Relying on the ability of super-strong and continuous operations and precise micro-motion of the XCMG cranes, they realize the safe and efficient hoisting operations, making XCMG the priority choice in the hoisting field.