Xuzhou Won UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award Thanks to XCMG Efforts

Xuzhou won UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and headquarters of UN-HABITAT


Xuzhou excelled out of the cities from 58 countries and regions recommended or applying on their own, which was the sole city that won the award. 

After the UN-HABITAT expert panel evaluated, Xuzhou won the award because of “the outstanding achievements made by Xuzhou in recent years in enhancing ecological restoration and solid waste treatment, and in pushing forward intelligent management and source control of solid waste, network collection and transmit, circular use, and improving people’s living environment.” 

UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award is the highest-level habitat award in the world, which was established in 1989 to encourage and commend governments, organizations, individuals and projects that have made outstanding contributions to human habitat.

In August this year, Xuzhou was recommended, as the first place of all candidates in China, to UN-HABITAT by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. 

Turn gray to green

Transform scars to blessed land

Change home to park


Xuzhou is unfolded in front of the world in another way

The Huaihai territory has fostered and boosted XCMG

XCMG is also taking the responsibility to upgrade environment in Xuzhou and improve the life quality of local residents.

XCMG hygiene equipment is being used in Xuzhou


In the past decade and more, XCMG has delivered hundreds of hygiene machinery products worth nearly 100 million RMB in Xuzhou to serve urban management. These products include road garbage collection, transmit and disposal, road cleaning, and air purification, etc. XCMG hygiene products, such as  detachable container garbage collector and side-mounted garbage compressor vehicle, etc., are now seen everywhere in residential communities and on streets in Xuzhou.

The Pan’an Lake Wetlands Park was the collapsed land of coal mines

In 2016, Xuzhou became one of the first National Eco-Park Cities in China.

In 2017, the city took the first place in China Habitat Award.

In 2018, Xuzhou won the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award.

XCMG Environment, targets at client needs and follows the golden standard of “leading technologies and lasting forever”. It has launched a number of hygiene equipment for the first time in China, which combines high-end technologies in the industry. They take the largest market share in domestic market, supporting the rapid development of XCMG Environment and witnessing how Xuzhou has become a city whose half is occupied by lakes.

As a biz card of Xuzhou, XCMG will adopt the sustainable development philosophy that “XCMG makes better world”. With quality products, considerate service and modern management, it contributes to development of Xuzhou and building the beautiful urban environment. In this way, the Xuzhou city whose half is occupied by lakes will have bluer sky, greener land and cleaner water. XCMG will continue to contribute its wisdom and power to building the beautiful city and beautiful China.