XCMG Earthmoving Equipment Signed Two Million USD Intentional Order in Its Debut in Mexico

Not long ago, XCMG Earthmoving Equipment held promotional activity in Puebla in the center of Mexico, which was themed on “leading technology & long duration”. It was the first time for XCMG to present its earthworks engineering solutions in Mexico, attracting insiders and clients in the field of construction machinery. 

Promotion of XCMG Earthmoving Equipment


The promotion was attended by more than 100 existing and new clients of XCMG from Puebla and surrounding regions. Staff of XCMG Mexico Office and its dealers in Mexico talked with the clients, introducing in detail XCMG and its various products, learning local market situation and specific needs of clients, and listening to their opinions and ideas so as to upgrade products and improving service quality. 

XCMG 4S shop in Puebla, Mexico


XCMG earthmoving equipment attracted the attention of many clients. In the promotion, the client Mr. Miguel showed keen interest in XCMG leveller GR215. After learning performance of the model from the staff, he got into the driver’s cabin to know more details before signing intentional order on the site. Mr. Miguel said he purchased and used XCMG cranes before, thus comprehending the quality and exceptional performance of XCMG products. He is full of confidence in XCMG products.


Another client Albert also said XCMG products are featured by mature technologies and exceptional performance. By attending this promotion, he had more knowledge about XCMG products, hoping to get into higher-level cooperation with the manufacturer. 

The client learns more information by entering driver’s cabin of XCMG ground leveller


Puebla is a state in the center of Mexico, which has strong industry, well-developed transportation, and many construction projects. It is an integral part of construction machinery market in Mexico. Since entering Puebla market in 2015, XCMG has rapidly become the priority construction machinery brand for clients in Puebla and surrounding regions because the products have trustworthy quality, reliable performance, rapid service response and sufficient supply of spare parts. 

XCMG LW500KN loader is delivered to the client


XCMG in Mexico

Since entering Mexico market in the second half of 2015, XCMG and its local business managers have been working hard. Overcoming many difficulties, they keep exploring local market. Till today, XCMG has basically established the sales channels and network in Mexico market, able to provide local clients with holistic services, e.g. pre-sales service, in-sales service, after-sales service and spare-part supply. XCMG brand reputation and fame keep improving considerably. XCMG products are receiving more and more recognition and attention from local clients. 

XCMG RT55U all-road crane works in Modelo brewery in Mexico

XCMG products work in new international airport project in Mexico City

In 2017, XCMG product was exhibited in AGEDI, the largest crane exhibition in Mexico

XCMG’s first 2m milling machine exported to North America