XCMG Large Mining Equipment Made Presence in Kazakhstan

Days ago, XCMG organized the meeting in Karaganda, the industrial city in Kazakhstan, to promote its mining equipment. The meeting was attended by nearly 200 clients from Kazakhstan and neighboring regions. 

As the largest economy in the five Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan is featured by rapid economic growth, playing an important role for politics and economy in Central Asia and functioning as an integral part along the Belt & Road. XCMG takes the leading market share in Kazakhstan in loaders, cranes, road equipment and piling equipment, etc. 

Participants in the meeting


In the past 17 years in Kazakhstan, XCMG is active to build local roads, railways, power plants, airport, commercial facilities and other infrastructures. 

XCMG equipment helps build Astana World Expo venues

XCMG equipment helps build Astana light rail project

XCMG equipment helps build highway in Kazakhstan

XCMG equipment helps build Bright Avenue in Kazakhstan

XCMG equipment helps build Astana cement factory