XCMG Cup Green Innovation Design Competition Was Held

On September 5, the second XCMG Cup Green Innovation Design Competition was kicked off, meaning XCMG is again embracing Internet+ and global wisdom with R&D and manufacturing innovations, thus instilling green power into the industry of traditional construction machinery.

In just one month, the competition has attracted great attention and support from all walks of life. 80,000 views of competition website have been made and over 200 contestants from all over the world have registered on the website. To make sure more people in the world fall in love with construction machinery and made in China products. On the afternoon of October 17, XCMG held the Made in China & Intelligence Leads the Future University Exchange and Experience Activity and Promotion. More than 150 university teachers and students from China visited XCMG to experience the charm of its intelligent manufacturing.  

The second XCMG Cup Green Innovation Design Competition focuses more on intelligence and new energies. Targeting at working conditions in wind power and other environmental fields, XCMG attempts to identify new solutions to new energy and power and stimulate trend of building beautiful new world with green and environmental efforts. In this way, it uses the innovative perspective and cutting edge tools and measures to overthrow the old traditions so as to develop the new space and lead future development of construction machinery. 

XCMG opens the manufacturing factory and production exhibition space for university teachers and students so that they can witness the XCMG’s manufacturing ability featuring high intelligence and product quality featuring great reliability.


To make sure the university teachers and students better understand its intelligent manufacturing, XCMG opened the XCMG Heavy Machinery and Excavator Assembly workshop. The 150 teachers and students learned about modern and intelligent assembly lines, the intelligent fasting system, and the digital assembly techniques of the various models of cranes and excavators, as well as the newly-manufactured all-terrain cranes. They also saw the demo of Industry Internet big-data platform so as to witness the highly-intelligent manufacturing ability and highly-reliable product quality of XCMG. 

In the experience hall of XCMG, teachers and students experience the XCMG’s cultural foundation and painstaking efforts of its employees


In the exhibition hall of XCMG, they visited a few sections including XCMG history, talented people, intelligence and operation sand map, etc. so as to better understand the corporate operation and development of XCMG and its independent innovations, international cooperation and training of talented people. Here they saw the 75-year culture and industry of XCMG and sensed XCMG’s strong sense of responsibility to become the world-class company and promote sustainable development of mankind. 

XCMG+Internet+green+innovation are themes of the competition. In the eyes of XCMG Machinery Vice President Li Suoyun, the competition is based on the Industrial Internet cloud platform developed by XCMG. It focuses more on intelligence and new energies, openness and sharing with the world, innovation and intelligence, and the deep merging between R&D and manufacturing innovation with Internet+. In this way, XCMG works hard to attract more social groups, in particular university students in the world, to fall in love with manufacturing of construction machinery in China and in the world.  

As one of the 14th Global Precision Charity Programs of XCMG for the year, XCMG Cup Green Innovation Design Competition is advocated by Chairman Wang Min so as to promote green sustainable mankind development and make a better world with innovation  and technologies.

Executive President Wang Zhongbin of School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, said the competition not only can promote green upgrading and transformation of the entire construction machinery industry, but also lead the green, healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Even more, it provides a charity platform for university students and young people in the world to show their talents.

XCMG Green Innovation Design Competition will enhance combination of industrial design with machinery, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, digital interactions, etc. so as to instill the strong points of disciplines in the partnership. In this way, it can, in the sustainable and better way, ensure industrial design plays the leading role and leads industrial transformation and upgrading. Xu Ji, Vice Director of Industrial Design Department in Industrial Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed great confidence in the  Made in China & Intelligence Leads the Future University Exchange and Experience Activity. “The competition helps sum up experience and cases, establish consensus and form synergy, so as to create the new situation of industrial design facilitates the development of machinery manufacturing industry”.

The competition’s major content of design involves crane and excavator, the two star products in construction machinery. The technical experts of XCMG shared two articles, On Crane Development Trend and Intelligent Technologies, and Future Excavators Invite You to Think Hard, which interpret XCMG’s green R&D, design and manufacturing. As a result, the university students have deeper understanding of the competition’s topic.

XCMG will always fulfill the charity philosophy and value proposition of “making a better world”. It keeps identifying intelligent solutions to construction machinery, using XCMG-Cloud platform build the smart eco-sphere of construction, and promoting sustainable development of innovations in the global industry. We hope more university students and cross-border teams can get involved and contribute to innovative development of the world construction machinery industry. 

XCMG provides platform and power for dreamers and innovators.