XCMG Large Mining Equipment Delivered to Australia

On the morning of October 30, XCMG held the delivery ceremony of large mining equipment fleet into Australia. The ceremony was attended by more than 500 participants, including the executives and employees of XCMG and JMA company in Australia, who witnessed XCMG’s large mining equipment coming into the high-end mining market in the world. 

JMA Mine Director Mark Gebhardt was making the speech at the delivery ceremony

XCMG Chairman & Party Secretary Wang Min was speaking at the delivery ceremony

Delivery ceremony


As one of world’s high-end markets of mining machinery, Australia has very strict requirements for product technology and quality certification. It has critical standards for equipment safety, comfort and reliability. Because of this, local market was once monopolized by international giants. XCMG’s export to Australia includes 60 mining units, e.g., 300t hydraulic excavators, 130t hydraulic excavators, 130t electric dumpers, and 12t large-tonnage dumpers. These products are worth more than 250 million RMB. This is the first for a China company to export large mining units to the high-end market in Australia. 

Nowadays, the mining equipment has become the strategic industry of XCMG, whose products, technologies, quality and market share have made breakthroughs. XCMG has established the high-end product lines that include 70-700t mining hydraulic excavators, 90-360t mining dumpers, 8-12t loaders, 300-550hp leveler, 350-560hp wheeled bulldozers, thus becoming China’s first company able to develop and manufacture large open-pit mining equipment. As one of the few companies in the world with such ability, XCMG has changed the world’s competition layout. 

In May 2017, XCMG signed agreement with  BHP Billiton, one of the largest mining groups in the world, on GR3505 mining leveller, which proves the exceptional quality of XCMG products. By exporting its products to JMA in Australia, XCMG again proves that high-end mining market in Australia recognizes and trusts XCMG brand and its mining equipment. 

Facing the high-end market in the world, XCMG focuses on product reliability and safety. It has established the product quality, design, manufacturing and application standards and regulations. To meet the high requirements of Australia mines, XCMG has made more than 30 technical upgrading items and 15 designs customized to the Australia market. By adopting the welding & manufacturing standards in Australia, XCMG products fully meet the Australian mine markets so as to create sustainable values for users.