bauma CHINA 2018 | XCMG Participated in Bauma with Its 8 Cranes, Showing Superior Value

As two years went by, the bauma for international engineering machinery held once every two years was coming with the hundreds of meters of golden arms erected along the Huangpu River. More than 700 days ago, the “technology leading and durable” Gold Standard was launched, pioneering the engineering machinery of China, the first industrial-chain sustainable development principle in the field of construction crane was proposed, and the first eight-axle XCA1200 all-terrain crane in the world was brought to the market through tests. More than 700 days later, what new ideas and products will be brought by XCMG, the industry leader, to the world?


As a concentrated exhibition of the staged technical achievements in the field of global engineering machinery, the new products exhibited are always the highlights of previous bauma. At this exhibition, XCMG brought a serious of products including wheel type, crawler type and tower type crane as well as port machinery, indicating that the world-leading XCMG Hoisting Machinery is integrating key technology advantages, broadening the category of lifting machinery products, and developing multiple product lines to lead the industry.



On November 27, the first day of bauma, the exhibition stand of XCMG attracted the attentions of all those present as its widely anticipated new product, the first 140m high super all-terrain crane XCA1600 with the strongest hoisting performance, highest hoisting efficiency, strongest heavy load transition, most intelligent control and optimal cost to use in the world, was being unveiled. Meanwhile, the XGC11000, another crawler crane of XCMG and known as one of the “wind power binary stars of XCMG” was also sparkling at this exhibition. It is the only crawler crane that can cover a height of 160m and equipped with the initiative wide-section folding arm technology. The “binary stars” cover almost all wind power models and construction environments. At the exhibition site, topics such as “the future development direction of wind power” and “XCMG leading the thousand-ton class” were highly debated.





At this bauma, in addition to the two thousand-ton class products, the other six exhibited products also manifested XCMG’s strong technical research and development strength and product power. In terms of lightweight design, the XCA180 all-terrain crane becomes the focus as its extreme design with a self weight of less than 55t, and both its hoisting performance and driving performance have reached international leading level. In terms of site suitability and flexibility, the XGC220T telescopic boom crawler crane shows its advantages. This crane, with compound control action, can be used in a variety of complex environments and can be transported without barrier in the world. Another product, XCR70, a rough terrain wheeled crane has the characteristics of strong performance, energy saving and economy, and it is a main model that is positioned in the high-end market.




In the current era of global interconnection, the port has become an important node in the international trade logistics chain, and the containers not only connect the world economy, but also change the lifestyle of people. At this bauma, XCMG demonstrated its powerful strength of sets of port machinery. It has not only XCS45, an “amazing front crane” that can handle 400 containers within 4 hours, but also the XCH90 container stacking machine with the highest efficiency and the highest safety and comfort.  This “golden combination” indicates that XCMG has covered the core technology of boom to the field of port hoisting and transshipment, which is worth expecting!




XCMG S-series intelligent flat-top tower crane XGT1200 was first shown at this exhibition! This crane can meet the hoisting and construction demands in all large fabricated buildings and bridges, power, petrifaction and metallurgy with its 94m independent fixed height, 40-80m boom combination and 63t maximum hoisting weight. Meanwhile, its twin brother, XGT900, has created a record of the largest flat-top tower crane exported from China to South America.

With the domestic initiative “Superlift P+” system, the hoisting weight is increased by 10%~15%; with the “snail speed” hoisting control and smooth rotary control technology, the control of the tower crane is smooth and precise; with the original boom fast-assembly technology, casing connection technology and structure folding technology, the assembly and disassembly are more efficient; with “AMCS smart butler”, the status of the equipment can be controlled through the mobile APP. These pioneering technologies are driving the construction industry to upgrade in a safe, intelligent and efficient manner.




With the technological accumulation in the market downturn, XCMG has developed the updated G-series cranes in 2016, indicating the coming of a new era of “technology and intelligence, green energy saving, quality performance and extra high potency”. In the following two years, both the imitation of the entire industry and the change of users’ concept have driven the updating of the whole value chain of the industry. As everyone knows, the G-generation products are always supplied behind the demand even if their price is more than 15% higher than the industry price, which not only proves the user’s recognition of the G generation, but also indicates that the focus of hoisting enterprises to select products is changing from prince to product value.