XCMG Automotive Held Bodybuilding Activity Attended by Nearly 1,000 People

To encourage employees to do bodybuilding sports and establish such habits, and build the positive atmosphere of sports for all, XCMG Automotive, at the end of 2018, organized a large sports activity for all. The employees, in 10 competing teams and 10 exercise teams, attending the first competition of group exercise.


Most robust competition preparations


Determined to climb to the peak


For the 10th anniversary of XCMG Automotive


For the 10th anniversary of XCMG Automotive


Start again with great bravery after 10 years of development


XCMG is always No.1!


The exercise team was performing


In the end, the Coating Branch won the Prize of Most Dazzling Exercise Lead Team and Most Beautiful Exercise Team


Hu Yumei, Deputy Party Secretary, Discipline Inspection Secretary and Chair of Workers’ Union, was granting award to the Most Dazzling Exercise Lead Team


The Most Beautiful Exercise Team

In the Funny Sports, Yan Qi from Stamping Workshop won the championship in Plank and Burpee, getting the title o f Bodybuilding Expert.


50 contestants competed in Plank

Very dedicated judges


Hold on for for another minute!


I want to fly higher!


Cheers for contestants

The bodybuilding sports mobilized many employees to attend the sports for all. At the end of 2018, all employees in XCMG Automotive, with the positive state, most innovative pattern and great ambition, will climb to the peak of business to express respect to the 10th anniversary of XCMG Automotive.