XCMG Excavators Passed Certification of Green Factories

Days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China revealed the 3rd list of Green Manufacturers. After passing the third-party evaluation, recommendation by provincial department of industry and information technology and expert evaluation, etc., XCMG Excavators passed the national certification of Green Factories, thus becoming the first one in Xuzhou gaining such certification.

Green Factories refer to those factories featuring intensive land use, clean production, resource recycling and low-carbon energy use. In recent years, XCMG Excavators has been adhering to the philosophy of “innovation, balance, green, open and sharing”, focusing more on environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. It has put green development in its 13th Five-year Development Strategy while making and implementing the long-and-mid-term plan of green manufacturing. It rigorously executes the Energy Management System, Greenhouse Gas Certificate and other systems, working hard to establish efficient, clean, low-carbon and cycling green manufacturing system, build Green Factories and push forward upgrading of ecology and environmental protection in the company.

The certification represents great recognition of XCMG Excavators’ efforts in deepening its green manufacturing development. Taking this opportunity, XCMG Excavators will continue to push forward building of green factory management system, develop and produce green products, improve resource recycling and reusing mechanism, pushing forward optimization of energy-use structure, realize green development of the company, and contribute to industrial energy saving and green manufacturing.