Lean Philosophy of XCMG Excavators

Relying on the global synergy R&D platform of XCMG, XCMG Excavators has, in the most innovative way, established the platform technical studies featuring multiple regions, working conditions, working methods and 24 hours. In particular, targeting at the global or regional special climate such as plateau, high-temperature, extreme cold and dense dust, XCMG has made customized R&D and adaptability reform, making breakthroughs and innovations in core technologies and processes, thus robustly facilitating industrialization of XCMG Excavators. The product models cover hydraulic excavators ranging from 1.5T to 700T, sold to all continents in the world. XCMG has become China’s leading excavator machinery and strong competitor against world-famous brands. 

In 2018 Bauma China held in Shanghai in last November, XCMG Excavators launched to the world its KD series products that represent the highest level in the industry, and the service brand “most considerate service & lifelong maintenance”, which again attracted attention from the industry. Focusing on “value differentiation” and “value steering”, XCMG Excavators is dedicated to building the industrial system that integrates high-end, high added value and high service quality, bringing the industry into the stage of high-stage development and helping clients make greater values. 

XCMG Excavators intelligent & flexible welding line

XCMG is active to integrate information with intelligent, establishing models and methods that fuse and facilitate lean production and intelligent manufacturing. The ratio of intelligent equipment exceeds 70%, covering welding, processing, coating, assembling and other key manufacturing processes. In this way, it ensures the quality, efficiency, speed and flexibility of the whole process of product manufacturing, laying solid foundation for ensuring the excellent quality featured by “leading technologies & everlasting products”. 

 “Mobility generates values and lean production achieves high-end manufacturing”, which represents the lean philosophy of XCMG Excavators. Along the 120m automatic arm flexible welding line, dozens of product moving arms are working hard, resulting in evenly-distributed welding stress, clear and full welding seams and perfect performance. Ranging from intelligent recognition arm model, the robotic welding, to the removing and transit of working parts, the most advanced automation equipment and lean manufacturing highly merge the first-class philosophy. It takes only two or three people to finalize the welding work that used to need dozens of workers. 

 “At present, XCMG Excavators is upgrading its level of intelligent manufacturing. The DC processing precision of key structural parts can reach 0.001mm, equivalent to one 50th of human hair, taking the leading position in the industry.”said Ma Lu proudly, the Chief Corporate Technician in Jiangsu. 

XCMG Excavators intelligent assembly line

Based on whole-industrial-chain operation and improvement in added-value ability, XCMG Excavators has introduced and pushed forward lean manufacturing management, establishing the lean manufacturing management system consisting of eight sub-systems in holistic mobility management, quality management and production & maintenance. At the same time, it has established the visual billboard management system and measurement & evaluation system that consists of five lean performance indicators in quality, safety, efficiency, ability and improvement. In this way, it has set up the lean, intelligent and green manufacturing model with XCMG Excavators features, covering the entire value chain of products. It pushes forward the leap-forward development of the corporate lean management level and performance indicators. 

In 2018, XCMG large and middle-tonnage excavators were exported to North America

As XCMG steadily facilitates its international strategy, as the strong sector in the Group, XCMG Excavators not only has made exceptional performance in the domestic market, but also seized the opportunity brought by China’s Belt & Road Initiative to make international presence, working hard to facilitate R&D and reform of products adaptable to the overseas market. It speeds up building of overseas facilities in Uzbekistan and others, improving its international fame and reputation. In the Middle East region, more than 300 XCMG excavators are helping build Qatar World Cup venues and infrastructures, creating the record of exporting China’s large excavators. In North America, XCMG excavators, thanks to the excellent fame, win great recognition from the famous leasing companies and reach strategic partnership. In Africa, XCMG products take the leading position in the local market due to their high reliability, high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Even more, XCMG excavators are used widely in tropical rain forests in SE Asia and in extremely cold regions in Canada.

Products matter and quality is prioritized. The sales records are made by the product quality winning the trust of clients. XCMG Excavators takes the clients as the center, and deems market as the orientation, working hard to push forward external and internal integration of quality information, improve the platform of users’ satisfaction feedback, and make pilot test of setting up channels to feed back quality information for five typical regional dealer, enhance suppliers’ source quality improvement, make precise analysis and matching with the suppliers, and make plans to regularly improve quality. At the same time, it follows the international benchmark, establishes the quality information management system, uses various quality technologies and tools, improves the whole-process quality improvement process and working standards based on data analysis, holistically upgrades the quality control system that carries on the quality accountability, and provides comprehensive high standards for developing the world-class product quality.