Super-large Mining Levelers GR5505II Delivered to Clients

Days ago, XCMG shipped the super-large mining levelers GR5505II to high-end international mining users.

GR5505II was developed based on the fact GR5505 passed the industrial evaluation in extreme working conditions,. It is the new-generation high-end mining leveler featuring exceptional reliability, performance and comfort after making innovations and making up for shortcomings in the previous generation. The model has great power and wonderful strength in its structural parts, thus becoming the heavy mining leveler specially developed for open-pit mines, heavy bulldozing, leveling of primitive topography and other heavy-load working conditions.

As open-pit mining industry expands year by year, XCMG has been working hard in this particular field of large-horse-power mining levelers. After working hard for 15 years, the manufacturer has established the most complete mining leveler family in China ranging from 240 to 550 horse power, providing more choices for customers of various scales.

In 2016, the world’s largest horse-power mining leveler GR5505 debuted in XCMG. In May 2018, GR5505 mining leveler was rated as world-class model by China Machinery Industry Federation. The federation experts believed the model is the first large mining leveler in China.

Shipping of the GR5505II mining levelers to clients marks a leap-forward in China’s super-large-horse-power mining leveler. As the world-class model gets into the global high-end market, it will upgrade competitiveness of XCMG machinery in the global market.

As the client of the world’s largest-horse-power mining leveler, an international giant mining company once sent its technical experts and operators to XCMG to study and survey the 550-horse-power mining leveler in a large coal mine in Inner Mongolia. The operator operated the machine to verify its performance and reliability. After the visit, the experts gave high praise to its performance and they looked forward to the upcoming delivery of GR5505II levelers.

In recent years, XCMG marches towards the high-end manufacturing industry. Mining machinery is seen as one of the key industrial projects to upgrade its industrial structure towards middle-end and high-end development.

Till today, XCMG has established the complete set of mining equipment including mining leveler, super-large hydraulic excavator, large loader, wheeled bulldozer, tire changer and mining dumper, etc. It provides the best portfolios and optimized construction solutions. With extremely high cost effectiveness, it produces the artwork-like machinery featuring “leading technologies and everlasting products”. XCMG mining units made with highest standards in China are targeting at the world’s high-end market.