[CCTV Morning News] Another World Project! XCMG Tunnel Boring Machine Assists the World’s Most Difficult Railway building

At 11:10 AM June 26,

after 11 years of construction,

Dali-Ruili Railway Dazhushan Tunnel, 

also known as “China’s most arduous tunnel mission”,

“the world’s most difficult tunnel project”, and

“China tunnel construction geological museum”,

has been run through,

marking a breakthrough made in another world-class construction

Dali-Ruili Railway is hailed as the “World’s Most Difficult Railway”

since it shall pass through rivers and mountains, including Nujiang River, Lancang River, Nu Mountain and Cang Mountain.

The Xiuling Tunnel which is currently under construction and lasts for 17,623m belongs to a super-long railway tunnel. Since its commencement in 2008, the project has encountered 143 slips of tunnel face, 60 cracks and deformations, 7 large-scale deformations of soft rock, 4 large-scale collapses, 3 times of water and mud bursting, rock burst, karst, high terrestrial heat, radioactivity and other harmful geological problems. The tunnel is of complex geological conditions, difficult to construct and takes a long duration. The tunnel project is a key link in Dabao Section of Dali-Ruili Railway.

XCMG XTR6/260 cantilever tunnel boring machine

Recently another XCMG XTR6/260 tunnel boring machine

has officially operated in Xiuling Tunnel of Dali-Ruili Railway

It is the third XCMG tunnel boring machine that

assists the construction of Dali-Ruili Railway

This project

“overcomes a lot of engineering difficluties and creates multiple advanced technologies”

To solve construction difficulties,

the Project Department has introduced XCMG XTR cantilever tunnel boring machine and other new equipment.

XCMG XTR6/260 Cantilever Tunnel Boring Machine at Xiuling Tunnel of Dali-Ruili Railway

In the course of the digging of Xiuling Tunnel, XCMG cantilever tunnel boring machine is 30% more efficient that the common borehole-blasting method which often cause collapse, water-mud bursting and other conditions that may seriously delay the construction progress. XCMG boring machine integrates the traditional blasting, ventilating and slag tapping processes to continuously excavate the surrounding rock and transport the sludge out, greatly lowering the agitation of surrounding rock, effectively preventing the tunnel from collapse, smoothly constructing the tunnel face. 

In the process of formal construction, XCMG XTR6/260 tunnel boring machine digs deep no less than 5m each day without any down time.

Project Manager Wu is much satisfied with the performance of XCMG, commenting “XCMG’s excellent product plus advanced service system is the basis for its success, we hope China Railway No. 8 Group Co., Ltd. and XCMG Group continue to cooperate on promoting construction of tunnels, improving the safety and efficiency in construction.”

XCMG tunnel boring machine at Jabuka Tunnel of North-south Expressway of the Republic of Montenegro

XCMG entered the mining machinery industry in 2011, and is the only of its kinds that can develop, manufacture, and sell mining machinery and passed the safety certification of coal mine in the industry the same year. At present, XCMG is China’s runner-up in boring machine segment. Its tunnel boring machine takes the lead in the industry and accounts for a 60% share of total market

XCMG boring machine enters Indonesia

In June 2014, XCMG XTR260, the first cantilever tunnel boring machine in China, has been successfully developed, which is recognized as “the first major technical equipment demonstration project of China in 2014”. XCMG XTR260 effectively improves the quality and efficiency of tunnel construction, transforms the traditional boring methods. Since its launch, XCMG cantilever tunnel boring machine, as a model of green and environmental technologies, has successively participated in the tunnel construction in Sichuan and Chongqing, as well as Republic of Montenegro, Indonesia, Tajikistan and other countries.