4000m snow-covered plateau, XCA220 completed the first high-altitude UHV power project in the world

Zeku County, Qinghai,

with an elevation of 4000 meters,

is the region with the largest temperature difference and the worst climatic conditions in China.

From Qinghai to Henan,

it runs through four provinces from northwest and central China.

With a total length of 1578km,

it is a power project with the most difficult construction in the world.

On the first day of the hottest part of summer in July, the temperature here plummeted below 0 degrees, and a heavy snow covered the vast snow mountain grassland. Due to high elevation and low oxygen, this place is known as the area with worst climate in the northwest China. However, Qinghai-Henan (+800 KV) UHVDC project, the first UHVDC channel project in China and even in the world officially kicked off.

As the most powerful enterprise with transportation and installation in Qinghai, Qinghai Zhicheng Industrial Group applied XCA220 all-terrain crane to serve as the main task-taker. Under the harsh environment, the construction proceeded smoothly. With the installation of last tower section in place, the first power tower of this line was successfully completed. The tower is 74 meters high and weighs 63 tons.

It is reported that Qinghai-Henan (+800 KV) UHVDC project is the first UHV channel project specially built for clean energy delivery in China and even in the world. It starts form Qinghai and ends in Zhumadian, Henan Province. The total length is more than 1500km, and there are 434 towers in Qinghai section. During the assembly process, Qinghai Zhicheng Group conformed with power transmission and transformation strictly according to 12 supporting measures of State Grid Corporation, and utilized video surveillance to control the process of tower material piecing, crane group tower, high-altitude assembly, pole assembly and jacking in an all-round way, so as to ensure the safety of whole construction.

Chief Engineer of Electric Power introduced: as the most difficult section, Qinghai section was constructed with most stringent management method and most advanced crane equipment to ensure the safety and efficiency. For a long time, the extreme environment in the plateau has brought multiple challenges and uncertainties to the construction, so we have strict requirements on the selection of equipment. XCMG crane has always become our preferred brand due to its safety and efficiency.

After the completion of this project, it will further improve the capacity of China's clean energy development and delivery. It is estimated 40 billion kWh of electricity can be transferred to Central China every year, which has great significance on optimizing the national energy structure, ensuring the safe and reliable supply of electricity, promoting air pollution prevention, stimulating economic growth, helping to overcome poverty, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.