2019 XCMG Crane International Customer Festival | Golden arms embrace friendship and build a better future

Parade of XCMG steel giants tower over the ancient city of Xuzhou, lighting up the skylines with their glittering and iconic golden color. On October 12-14, 2019, a grand event of global construction machinery, "XCMG Crane, For Your Success - 2019 XCMG Crane International Customer Festival", was held in the world's largest wheel crane manufacturing base. With the hardcore strength of XCMG hoisting products, more than 100 orders were obtained with values totaling over RMB 200 million.


Lion dance, festive gongs and drums, and colorful lanterns created a lively and extraordinary scene. More than 1000 XCMG people, including Sun Jianzhong, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division, and Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export, as well as over 100 customers and friends from all over the world attended this spectacular event together.

High attention attracted during site visit

In jubilation and joy, "2019 XCMG Crane International Customer Festival" officially opened. This was a grand international gathering for communication and exchange views. In XCMG truck crane manufacturing base, guests from all over the world visited the world's most advanced crane intelligent production line. They were awed by the technology and production process of XCMG crane products, all thumbing up as heartfelt praise.

More than 20 hoisting equipment of various types are in parade to welcome global guests. With overseas customized models rolled off production line one after another, XCA60E, most popular model in Europe market by virtue of its excellent strength, finally came on to hoist in the driverless state, attracting many customers to take photos.


As a "little surprise", the "fun crane game" of lifting eggs, iron rings, coke, etc has also made friends from all over the world laugh and applaud. They joined in the game, or helped the players cheerily. In the relaxing and pleasant hoisting games, they were fully aware of the excellent control and hoisting ability of XCMG equipment.

In XCMG tower crane and crawler crane manufacturing base, foreign friends have made "close contact" with XCMG equipment. Mr. James, a customer of XCMG, said that he has been engaged in hoisting industry for more than ten years. XCMG hoisting equipment is easier to operate and has high maneuverability and accuracy. The quality and technology of XCMG hoisting equipment has reached world-class level!


"Product upgrading " for continuous transcendence


In addition to the customer experience, a total of 34 new overseas models of XCMG truck cranes and rough-terrain cranes were launched to customers

Sun Jianzhong introduced that over the years, XCMG has managed accurate positioning in overseas market and oriented at customer demand and constant improvement of product reliability in the worst construction environment. The excellent performance of XCMG cranes in various harsh conditions, including continuous operation in the extremely cold environment of Antarctic Research Station or high-intensity construction in the Middle East with highest temperature of more than 40 degrees, has been highly appraised by all users. At present, nearly 100 types of high-adaptability overseas models have been developed, and more products will be launched to meet the comprehensive needs of global customers.

3 XCMG 150t crawler cranes used for road and bridge construction project in Novosibirsk

XCMG crane operation in the Middle East


At the "2019 T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry" held in early September, XCMG continues to lead the Chinese crane manufacturing industry. With its domestic crane market share of more than 50% and international share of more than 30%, XCMG ranks first in China and second in the world.


Up to now, XCMG construction machinery, represented by XCMG hoisting machinery, rank first in the export of Chinese brands. Liu Jiansen said that the sales volume of XCMG products has been the first in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, as well as other countries and regions along the “Belt and Road". XCMG has become the preferred brand of local construction machinery in many countries.

Substantial improvement of XCMG overseas service

During the activity, XCMG also launched "XCMG 10 Overseas Service Call Centers" to further improve its overseas marketing service system and build its overseas service brand. It is reported that since the beginning of this year, XCMG has started the construction of 10 overseas call centers and strengthened overseas market services. After the completion of the 10 call centers, XCMG will successively open "400" and "800" service hotline in more than 10 countries including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and North America, setting up a new platform for XCMG to communicate with customers.


In the future, XCMG will launch dozens of new call centers and spare parts networks around the world to improve overseas service.

With international customer festival as the platform and XCMG hoisting equipment as the leading role, "2019 XCMG Crane International Customer Festival" has built an international exchange platform. It will further enhance the brand influence of XCMG in the international market.