Crawler Crane


Please call:400-110-9999
Max lifting capacity Standard mode Heavy boom Unit 450
Light boom T 230
Tower jib T 226.4
SL mode Heavy boom T 500
Light boom T 230
Tower jib T 230
Boom length M 24-96
Boom luffing angle -88
Tower jib length M 24-84
Winch max single line speed(no load, at 6thlayer) m/min 130
Boom luffing gear max. single line speed(no load, at 1st layer) m/min 2×53
Wire rope diam Mm 28
Max rope single line pull T 17.2
Slewing speed r/min 1
Travel speed Km/h 0.73
Grade ability   30%
Mean ground pressure Mpa 0.18
Engine output power Kw 360
Total vehicle weight(24m heavy boom, 500t capacity hook block) T 375
Max. weight of single unit in travel configuration t 50
Max. dimension of single unit(tumtable) in travel configuration(L×W×H) m 11.5×3.4×3.4
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