On Tailwinds of BRI Program, XCMG’s Innovative Models Landed on Oman!

To satisfy needs from Middle East customers, on July 22, XCMG’s new product promotion event recently kicked off at Muscat, the Capital of Oman, where a large parade of innovative models highly customized for demanding requirements under tough working conditions in hot desert climates, including cranes, truck-mounted cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, aerial work platforms, were unveiled with much fanfare, demonstrating once again to the world the strong l strength and technical sophistication of this Made-in-China brand.

Towering over a large legion of glittering iron-men, XCMG M-serial cranes, in particular, attracted the most attention, and won the warmest applause, from admiring local customers and curious visitors. Mr. Li Lingbing, Chinese Ambassador to Oman, Mr. Wang Cheng, Business Sector Chief at the Chinese Embassy, Mr. Liu Quan, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Imp./Exp., Mr. Manal Bahwan, Representative of XCMG’s Oman dealers, and Mr. Nicola Nicelli, Global VP at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, as well as over 200 Chinese and foreign customers, gathered to witness the grand event.

Present a Glittering Key to a Customer

Unveil XCMG’s New Products

Scorching dry and little rain are distinct climatic features in the Middle East. Various products specially designed for local conditions are test-proven and fully adapt to higher requirements, such as high temperature, heavy dust, high intensity, high safety and high comfort. Besides outstanding reliability and excellent performance, they have higher mobility and maneuverability. Thanks to XCMG’s golden principle of “Products With Higher Durability & Leading Technology”, these products have highly impressed their potential customers at once on their unrivaled strengths, and were ordered and sold out very soon.

Orders placed on XCMG’s Equipment at the event

Mr. Mohamed, a stalwart supporter of XCMG’s equipment, ordered a 85-T truck crane at the activity. He said: “the well-proven excellent performance of XCMG products over the years has contributed to his business success. This new model specially tailored for the unique operating environments in the Middle East deserts enhances his confidence in undertaking more complex projects, and he is expecting, and also is sure, that this new model will have higher performance.

Present outstanding contribution award to the representative of XCMG dealers in Oman

Mr. Manal Bahwan, a representative of XCMG’s local dealers in Oman, asserted that the 15-year-long partnership with XCMG is a big success for both Parties, and deep friendship has been forged in the course. Here in Oman, XCMG’s products have already been the preferred brand among our construction machinery users. The launch of these products will inject new vitality into Oman market, and even, the broader Middle East. With their deepening relationships with XCMG, more and more local customers will be rewarded with joy and success.

Liu Quan also said: Oman, a key link to BRI program, has been a target market for XCMG. As early as in 2005, XCMG has built up deep friendship and mutual trust with locals. Having been concerned about local economic development and construction, XCMG are ready to work with locals to build a better future.

Customers from both Oman and other countries in the Middle East spoke highly of XCMG’s development, and its contributions to the region. Among the first to respond to China’s BRI program, XCMG, as a national champion of construction machinery manufacturer, actively share best Chinese manufacturing practice, Chinese technologies and Chinese standards with its international partners, including all the Middle East ones, playing an positive role in development of China-Oman relations!