XCMG Brazil Lead the Standard Establishment of Brazilian Crane Industry

On November 16, Technical Analysis Director Luccas and Technical Analyst Ribeiro of ABIMAQ and their party came to XCMG Brazil, to inspect the software and hardware strength of XCMG Brazil in crane R&D, technological process, manufacturing shop and production equipment, and to discuss with XCMG Brazil over the standard establishment of Brazilian crane industry.

XCMG Brazil successfully obtained the qualification for crane manufacturer from ABIMAQ in August this year, so the inspection this time is of great significance. In the meeting, Technical Analysis Director Luccas and his party heard the report of XCMG Brazil on the profile, development history and production situation of the company. After the company, Luccas and his party visited the crane production line of XCMG Brazil. On the work site, Luccas mainly asked some questions about core parts of the crane, crane production capacity and occupational capacity of skilled personnel in XCMG Brazil, and fully recognized and highly appreciated the crane production capacity and innovation capability of XCMG Brazil.

After years of efforts, XCMG Brazil became the only manufacturer with the qualification for crane manufacture of ABMAQ. It means XCMG Brazil has obtained more authority and right of speech in Brazilian crane industry. Thus, it is able to actively seek for policy support and occupy the commanding height of Brazilian crane industry.