XCMG XZ320E Horizontal Directional Drills Shine at Trenchless Indonesia 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia - August 30-31 - XCMG exhibited XZ320E horizontal directional drill, a new product of great significance and the star of E series horizontal drills at Trenchless Indonesia 2017.

E series is designed and tailored for high-end markets

Technical performances of E series horizontal directional drills have been tremendously improved in terms of safety, environmental protection, intelligence, optimization of operation system and design. In particular, some technical parameters have reached leading level both in domestic and international markets. The configurations of E series products conform to the Phase III emission standards introduced by European countries and the U.S. The comfort of operation is also aligned to international standards and much more improvements and optimizations have been made in terms of operation safety, maintenance and the easiness for repair.

The debut of E series horizontal directional drills not only shows XCMG’s technological merits, but also demonstrates the company’s full preparation for leading the upgrading of demands in the trenchless sectors among countries covered within the framework of China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative.  

XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has been maintaining a leading role in technical performance and remaining at the forefront of the industry for its excellence in scales, technologies and upgrading of user system. Normally, based on proper and thorough analysis of current and future industrial tendencies, the company will conduct researches and development of products to meet the needs of future markets and customers 3 to 5 years and even more years ahead of the time, and build up technical reserve accordingly. The orderly and coordinated advancement in these areas provides the company with sufficient R&D resources and capability reserve that enables it to meet current demands and conform to future tendencies.   

XCMG innovatively initiated the “technical crowd funding” during the R&D of E series. With its technical center as the “central pool”, the company pooled together external scientific research institutions and suppliers, so as to find best solutions and approaches to technical problems.

XCMG’s considerable investment of time and effort in R&D makes better and more comprehensive product portfolio. Tim, an Indonesian user who has used the E series horizontal directional drills for a couple of months said with excitement, “I used different brands of horizontal directional drills. Among them, XCMG’s product fits our construction most in terms of stability, quality and operating performance.” Delightedly, the company has made amazing upgrading of the fuel consumption and work efficiency for the E series products. “We conducted consistent tests in the past few months. Compared with its competitors in the same class, XCMG E series would reduce fuel consumption and improve work efficiency respectively by 10% and 20%. What’s more, thanks to the automatic replacement of drilling pipes, we can reduce the labor force input by one to two men, and this saved a lot of money.”

The changes made to the products not only lie in the optimization of operation environment, the improvement of working efficiency and the application of “leading technologies”, but also can be seen in the appeal to market demands. China is a country with the most abundant geological conditions in the world. As a manufacturer deeply based and rooted in the country, XCMG makes consistent efforts in the improvement of technical performances and quality of products, and bridges the gap between “technical R&D activities” and “market demands”. In the face of discrete demands of users across the world, the company not only provides the world’s most extensive horizontal directional drills, but also constantly brings more “exclusive” features to the product tailored for a specific user.  


XCMG horizontal directional drills is designed and tailored for special working conditions. Furthermore, it can make improvement and adjustment according to users’ demands for different products so as to meet specific and differentiated demands. For instance, the horizontal direction drills are equipped with dual-wall drill pipes which can drill hard rocks, suitable for working in narrow space. “In terms of the pull-back force ranging from 16 to 660 tons, XCMG products are capable to meet the demands of almost all visible working conditions”, said an Indonesian user.

Over the years, XCMG has not only made significant improvement in the basic technical performances, but also achieved solid progresses in the analysis and understanding of technical tendencies in the long run. Especially, in terms of some configurations and key technical parameters, equipment manufactured and sold under Chinese brands has reached the world-class levels, which has contributed to the consistent and significant growth in the export of Chinese construction machines, in particular, the intermediate and high-end products in the past few years.