XCMG XCS45 Working in Railway Freight Yard

In the rapid development of the logistics industry, the container transportation mode can be regarded as one of the greatest miracles throughout human’s history. By containers, cargoes of different shapes realize standard integrated transportation and based on containers, a complete set of transportation system has been built to greatly enhance the transportation efficiency. The reach stacker prove to be an edge tool in the container transportation system.

As a leader in the hoisting industry, XCMG is committed to providing professional hoisting equipments for customers. In order to meet the market demand, XCMG dedicated to the development and tests for two years and successfully released XCS45 to the market in 2013 relying on its over seventy years’ foundation of hoisting technology.


As China vigorously promoted railway container transportation in 2016, Mr. Wang, the head of an equipment renting company, planned to purchase two reach stackers. Out from trust and recognition on XCMG brand, Mr. Wang purchased XCMG XCS45.

On the freight yard of Xinyi Railway Station, under about ten hours of nonstop working every day, XCMG products accomplish this challenge with ease thanks to its high reliability. Mr. Wang said that: Before purchase, we have also some doubt about the reach stacker of XCMG, since it is after all a new field for XCMG. But after introduction by the salesman and my visit to the plant for inspecting the assembly of the XCMG reach stacker and practical testing of all its performances, I bought these stackers decisively. When seeing with my eyes, I believe it is an official product of XCMG, guaranteed with XCMG brand as well as its quality and technology. It is definitely a right choice.

Mr. Liu, the driver of this stacker, said that: I thought that it would be some time before I got used to this new vehicle. Surprisingly, I felt its superiority at the first drive, for it is highly efficient with quite good precision moving. What’s more, it is more comfortable to drive than other vehicles. It is indeed a product from this famous manufacturer which is so good to use.

Next, Mr. Wang means to further increase equipments and expand the enterprise scale: “I am very willing to continue cooperation with XCMG, because its products save worries for us, and it makes us feel assured and very confident in the future!”