Innovative Aerial Work Platforms are Ushering You into the Era of Intelligent Elevated Operations

The 5 models of aerial work platforms unveiled on Sept. 20 at the 4-day-long BICES 2017 in the New Beijing International Exhibition Center highlights XCMG’s latest achievements in making its products more innovative, more intelligent and more valuable to its customers, and heralds the advent of intelligent elevated operation era in the aerial work platform sector.

At the most high-profile industry event, XCMG put on show a new generation of 5 advanced aerial work platforms in three product categories: two scissor-type models (GTJZ0607E and GTJZ1012E), one straight-arm model (GTBZ30S) and two folding-arm models (GTBZ14JD and GTBZ38S). Of which, both the GTBZ38S device featuring a long-reach cantilever crane and the GTBZ14JD machine with electrical folding-arms made their first public appearance. With their perfect profiles, exquisite workmanship, technological state of art, superior quality, unique modeling styles and highly individualized designs, these EU CE certified exhibits stood out as the focus of attention in the spacious exhibition hall.

Mr. Qijun, CCMA President, On a Visit to XCMG’s AWP Booth

Mr. Qianjin Li, G.M. & Party Secretary at XCMG Firefighting Dept., is Briefing to Customers on the Innovative AWP

“It goes up very smoothly and steadily, and it is also very easy to operate. Oh…Something… a children's play, even for a layman like me”, said a highly admired customer of his experience about the ride on the platform. XCMG’s aerial work platforms are modeled after its most safety-demanding and most technologically advanced aerial ladder fire trucks. Drawing on its technological achievements over years and following a systematic, modular and standardized design process, XCMG developed and built the new generation of aerial work platforms on its state-of-art R&D platforms. By practicing its gold principle of serving its customers with Leading Technologies &Everlasting Products, and relying on its 4 technological platforms and 10 applicable cutting-edge technologies, XCMG, the national champion in the construction machinery sector, is committed to providing solid safety guarantee, reliable product experience and robust operational support to its customers in their construction undertakings.