XCMG's New Stars Are Shining Brilliantly at the BICES 2017

XTR6/260 Tunnel Boring Machine and XSL5/260 Well Drilling Rig, two arrivals to XCMG’s product portfolio, make their debut at the BICES 2017, commanding quick admiration from legions of visitors and potential customers, and winning great honors for their creator: Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Division (XFCMD), the wholly-owned subsidiary of XCMG specializing in research, development and manufacture in piling machinery, non-excavation machinery, mining machinery and oil/gas exploration machinery.

As the leader in the TBM manufacturing segment, XFCMD has made transformative achievements in tunneling techniques through its technological innovations, and is leading a historic revolution in rock tunnel excavation operations in water conservancy, subways, railways, roads and other sectors with its overwhelming advantages, such as strong rock-cutting capabilities, larger cutting scope and less wall rock disturbance.

According to booth presenters, XTR6/260 beam-type tunnel boring machine is a fully innovative addition to the product line of XCMG XTR beam-type TBMs. It is suitable not only for medium section tunnel excavations, such as in cases of subway construction and water conservancy projects, with the whole heading face excavated at a stroke, but also can meet requirements from layered operations, for example, large section road/railway tunnel construction. In addition, the model also stands out in various aspects: higher overall performance, stronger rock-cutting capability, higher adaptability to excavation ranges or rock types, environment friendliness, higher safety and efficiency.

XTR6/260 Beam-type Tunnel Boring Machine


Its excellent performance pushes up technological development in the sector to a new level.

Besides outstanding features in function, intelligence, safety and efficiency, it also boasts of various advantages: its powerful cutting head special for hard rock leads to stronger capability in cutting off rock and slower wearing of cutting picks; its automatic roll-cables can extend and withdraw freely, resulting in less hard labor; its air-cooled system enables the main engine to operate normally without external supply of water; and its remote control function provides prevention against any personal injury and damage to devices, leading to higher safety and working efficiency.

On the strength of their high performance and proven record tracks, XCMG’s tunnel boring machines are widely used in irrigation, railway, subway and road projects for various tunneling operations, and export to many countries around the world, including Montenegro, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kenya and Tajikistan. A fully-integrated tunneling machine contributes to the productivity in many related processes: hard rock cutting-off, gravel breaking, tunnel dedusting, tunnel muck hauling, gunite lining and so on.


XSL5/260 Well Drilling Rig

Based on its industry experience over years and responding to actual market needs, XFCMD developed a brand-new advanced model: XSL5/260 well drilling rig. With high drilling efficiencies, it is very suitable for long-hole drilling operations, and as a result, is mainly used for drilling drinking water wells, monitoring wells and geothermal wells, playing an essential role in bettering people’s livelihood and improving environmental management.