XE215D Excavator Shining at BICES 2017

What is the best game in town these days? Just look no further than the BICES 2017, which is on at the New Beijing International Exhibition Center.

XE215D Excavator Basks in the Spotlight at BICES 2017

Upon entering the spacious exhibition hall, we were greeted with the glaring XCMG Gold. Caught up in boisterous crowds of high-spirited visitors from all over the world, we finally landed at the front of the XCMG exhibition zone: here, a giant XE215D excavator looms large and proud in the center of the large exhibition zone, with its king-sized hand-like dipper holding high in the air, seeming to welcome amazed spectators scrambling eagerly for their chance to pose for snapshots with it. Being nicknamed as the Machine-the-Great in the construction machinery sector, the full-functional excavator is a classical medium model newly created by XCMG, and is in reality ubiquitous at almost all construction sites: river dredging, sand excavation, rock quarrying, dam building, road construction, earthmoving works and so on. Now, according to brief presentations from booth expostors, it has satisfactorily performed under extremely harsh operating conditions and in highly treacherous settings, for example, at high altitudes of up to 4,600 meters on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, in scorching temperatures of as high as 42 Celsius degrees at ballast pits in Xinjiang, on sand excavation sites within complex geographical zones in out-of-the-way Guizhou, and in daunting Yellow River dredging projects, living well up to its reputation of the Great. However, it is not the first time for it to be the main attraction at grand events. At the last Shanghai Bauma China Expo in Sept. 2016, its debut had made big hit among large legions of highly impressed visitors. Just as it has always done, XCMG’s XE215D excavator once again hogs the spotlight here and now, winning loud applauds from large legions of fans from all over the world.

Fans are Gathering at XCMG’s XE215D Booth


With Time-honored Brand and Innovative Technologies,

XCMG Sets a Higher Industry Benchmark


XCMG’s XE215D excavator is a brand-new enhanced product built on the D-series planning platform. Almost from the outset of its R&D effort, detailed surveys were conducted to identify customers’ use habits, and adaptive modifications were made repeatedly to enhance its practicability and user-friendliness in all dimensions from the appearance style to operating performance. Not long after its launch in Feb. 2016, XE215D excavator managed to win high recognition from its customer, and has gained traction on both domestic and foreign markets: it has achieved an 11% penetration rate as of August 2017. With XCMG’s D-series products, one of common traits is superior quality, which is exactly the key factor behind their quick capture of markets, and also the ultimate embodiment of XCMG’s pursuit of Leading Technologies & Everlasting Products.

XE215D Excavator Standing Like a Giant at the Exhibition Hall


“A fully innovative one built on technological achievements of its prior two generations of products, this model is much more powerful. It is suitable for various working conditions. Indeed, it is a mighty machine”, said Mr. Yuzhong Deng, a R&D engineer, during his product briefing to clients.