XCA5000 Solves Problems Faced by Wind Power Plants

As the steel cable rose slowly, the 62t nacelle was positioned at 85m high in a stable and accurate way, marking the completion of the last wind turbine in Mount Jinfeng Wind Power Plan in Fengjie of Chongqing, which was helped by XCA5000 of XCMG.

Huaneng Wind Power Plant plans to install 55 permanent magnetic direct drive wind power generators, with each generator having 2MW installed capacity. The total installed capacity is 110MW. The wind power plant receives nearly one billion RMB of total investments, making itself the largest wind power plant in Chongqing.  

According to the project principal, the wind power plant, which is featured by limited-size site, used XCA5000 to install the wind turbines on slopes. The installation of the last turbine was really difficult. Helped by the XCMG service staff, the workers, in spite of the heavy wind, installed the superlift and supporting legs before completing the entire turbine. 

On the 600m2 mount top with sea level of 3,000+ meters, XCA5000, in a stable way, placed the 68t tower cylinder, whose bottom is 22 meters, on the base. The bolts were matched successfully and the steel cables were also released successfully.

In the hoisting operation, the most important part was to hoist the huge blades more than 100m in length. When making the hoisting operations, the wind speed reached 16m/sec, which was the largest critical value for working conditions. Height of Jinfeng 2.0 tower cylinder: 85m; blade: 65t. It was the greatest test of the crane product. 

The XCA5000 operator remembers clearly the heavy rainfall came on September 10 when he was driving XCA5000 to the construction site on the mount top. He had to drive for another 10km in the mountain, make 20+ turns nearly 90 degrees, and climb over 30 slopes at least 30 degrees, which constituted the severe test for a large mobile crane, raising critical requirements for the chassis braking, driving reliability and safety of driving upward and downward the slopes.  

The product continued to work as planned. Guided by the XCMG service engineer, he experienced for the first time the all-new function of dual-power drive provided by the engine for the chassis. The new function helps the driver drive better. He was admired by the leading function of the product, which solved all the problems. 

The XCA5000, which has the largest tonnage and most sophisticated technology in the world, can install 3-3.6MW wind turbine below 110m, meeting critical requirements for hoisting engineering of large chemical projects and major infrastructure projects. It effectively pushes super-large cranes in China towards market and commercial development, thus highlighting the SOE duty of XCMG for the years. In the past decades, XCMG has made numerous studies and tests on the hoisting operations in wind power plants.

“We are assured by the exceptional performance of XCMG cranes. We are very satisfied because it is a perfect operation”, said the construction supervisor of the project in great confidence. “In the future, the high-rise wind turbines will be seen in the clouds, which will become an attractive tourism destination. This cannot be done without XCMG products.”