The Powerful Rock Arm Excavator of XCMG

In the world-famous Three Gorges region along the Yangtze River, a XCMG rock arm excavator, equipped with the huge eagle-mouth arm, is working fast. As the “pincer” in the front pierce into the ground, rocks and earth are loosened easily. In this way, the 2,628-km highway starting with Hohhot and ending with Beihai is being built. 

In the career life of Mr. Huang Shihui, he has spent more than 20 years working on excavators. And this XE490 rock arm excavator has worked for Mr. Huang for three years, making great contributions to his business.


Over the past two decades, Mr. Huang worked in almost all projects that can be done by excavators, e.g., building dams, houses, highways and bridges as well as mining. In his region, he is most proficient in excavators. However, even such a competent person once felt it difficult to select a proper machine to work on the hard earth in Hubei Province. 

“Earth in Yichang of Hubei is harder than those in other regions. As a result, large excavators are necessary for the most essential earthworks engineering. That’s why I have purchased XCMG 490 and 900. Nevertheless, large excavators alone are not enough. Later, technical experts of XCMG recommended an instrument called rock arm. So I became the first one in Yichang using rock arm excavator.”

“When first seeing the machine, I was not quite sure the eagle-mouth machine is suitable for the construction site.” To eliminate his concerns, salespeople of XCMG Excavators delivered the 490 rock arm excavator to the construction site so that Mr. Huang Shihui could test it there.

Smiles came to his face when he saw the hard earth was shattered easily by the machine. “In the past in Yichang, there were two construction methods. First, using explosives; second, shattering with hammers. But exploding pollutes environment and quartering hammer costs high. The rock arm excavator of XCMG has solved the two problems. It does not produce pollution; and the cost is much lower than the quartering hammer, thus making it most suitable for geology and topography in Yichang.”

Buy seven units in three years for optimal benefits


When the working schedule is tight, Mr. Huang would use the rock arm excavator, the machine most suitable for the hard earth. It works more than 20 hours a day. “The performance is wonderful, even better than those overseas brands”, said Mr. Huang about XCMG excavator from the bottom of his heart. Since 2015, Huang has purchased seven XCMG excavators in three years, because of his recognition of the product quality and its rate of returns. 

“After I purchased the XCMG rock arm excavators, all the construction problems have been solved, resulting in higher construction efficiency and rate of returns”. Mr. Huang said, “An XE900 excavator equipped with rock arm can be leased at 300USD per hour, with less than 70USD fuel cost. Equipped with rock arm, XE490 can produce 220USD profits per hour. In busy season, my excavators work in two shifts, working at least 20 hours per day. You can work out how much I earn”. 

The new round of urbanization is under way. Mr. Huang Shihui and his XCMG rock arm excavators are also busy. With his best machines, Mr. Huang is full of confidence. In  his eyes, the story of XCMG excavators and urbanization in Yichang has just begun. In the future, he and his XCMG machinery will work together and go further in this story.