XCMG on Africa Roof

To deepen friendship and promote cooperation, XCMG Ethiopia Office organized a networking activity with clients in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Nearly 100 clients were present at the activity, including top executives of 30 Chinese companies operating in the country and principals of over 30 construction projects.

Ethiopian clients Hassen, Yimer and Endale are loyal users of XCMG equipment. They purchased XCMG loaders in 1997. Talking about cognition of XCMG products, the client Endale said XCMG products are featured by robust power, durability, reliable quality and well-developed service system. That is why he has kept using XCMG products for years. XCMG is grateful to Ethiopian users for their support and will provide stronger market support to Ethiopia while offering better service for local users. 

Grant the award of special honors to local dealers and users of XCMG products

Group photo of participants

The friendship between Ethiopia and China can be traced back to five decades ago. Ethiopia is the pilot-test country of China-Africa capacity cooperation and the important partner in the Belt & Road Initiative. Since making debut in Ethiopia market in 1996, XCMG has seen its sales rising, selling nearly 10,000 units in total in the country. For years, the market share of XCMG has been taking the first place in the industry. The market share of XCMG loaders reaches 73.5% and ranks No. 1.

Situation in Ethiopia continues to be volatile in 2018. Nevertheless, XCMG brand rises in spite of the adverse situation. In January-August, XCMG exported its products worth more than 10 million USD to Ethiopia, even more than the total exports made by other Chinese brands to the country. 

XCMG loaders exported to Ethiopia

XCMG equipment helps boost local economy in Ethiopia


XCMG equipment helps boost local economy in Ethiopia. XCMG products are seen in Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway, Addis Ababa Light Rail, Adama Highway, Ogaden Oil & Gas and other projects. Besides, XCMG is active to get involved in local activities of charity. It donates to build water cellars in dry region to solve water shortage problems for local villagers; it also establishes XCMG International Scholarship in Addis Ababa University so as to help the impoverished students finish their education.

Africa Public Welfare Project donated by XCMG

XCMG International Scholarship is established in the Addis Ababa University