XCMG Donated 81 Water Cellars in Africa in Three Years

On October 31, the 40 water cellars were completed, which were jointly built by XCMG and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, CFPA in Judo Conbocha village in Oromiyaa of Ethiopia in phase II of XCMG Water Cellar Project. Thanks to these water cellars, the villagers are no longer worried about the drinking water. 

In the past, the villagers had to fetch water in the water pond outside the village. In addition to the difficult transport, the pond water quality was quite poor, resulting in dysentery, diarrhea and other diseases.

However, the water cellars built by XCMG have changed the life of local villagers. When rainy season comes, the rain water would flow into the sink along the slanting roof before reaching the water cellar via the water pipes. The water can basically supply daily water use of local families in dry seasons. 

The villagers said they don’t have to walk long to fetch water thanks to these water cellars. The water in the cellars is purified and will not lead to diseases. Even more, water can be used to irrigate vegetable farm in dry seasons. 

In 2016, XCMG and CFPA jointly initiated the Water Cellar Project in Africa. Till today, they have built 81 water cellars in Ethiopia, bringing the clean drinking water for 6,700 Ethiopian villagers impacted by the drought. 

XCMG hopes the water cellar project will not only solve the drinking water problem for local villagers, but also function as the demo case of precise poverty alleviation. In this way, the project can be promoted globally and attract more organizations and companies to build more water cellars in dry regions in Africa so that more African people will be free from drinking water shortage and diseases caused by unhealthy drinking water. In 2018, XCMG will work together with its strategic partners to initiate the phase III Water Cellar Project in Africa. 

Without clean water source for life and production, the local villagers will have vain hope of getting rid of diseases and poverty. The water cellars donated by XCMG are built right close to the villagers’ homes. The kids can concentrate on their education, the mothers now have time to look after the family, and the local villagers are free from diseases transmitted in the dirty water source. Even more, they can save a lot of money from buying water. 

XCMG hopes the Water Cellar Project can benefit more people in the dry regions and bring clean water source and health to them. It also hopes more Chinese companies and non-governmental organizations can continue to help Ethiopia solve the drinking water problem for dry regions in Ethiopia so that local people stay away from thirst and health threat caused by dirty water source.