Bauma CHINA 2018丨Over USD 10 Million! XCMG Joins Hands with Global Mining Giant - Russian KBA Company

With colored flags waving in the air, a line of iron arms are extending towards the sky. In the Ninth Bauma CHINA 2018 held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the global brand “XCMG Gold” was exceptionally eye-catching. A story that perfectly combines the pillar of a big nation and a client of Europe is being staged.

On the morning of November 27, in the witness of Mr. Wang Min, Party Secretary & Chairman of XCMG, Russian State Duma lawmaker Pawel·Mikhailovich·Fedyayev, Mr. Lu Chuan, President and Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Machinery & Chairman of XCMG IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD. President of SBU Group Mikhail·Yuryevich·Fedyayev, Deputy General Manager of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Mining Machinery Li Zong as well as of thousands of guests from home and abroad, Dr. Liu Jiansen, Deputy President of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with General Manager of KBA Company Valery·Alexandrovich·Tubaba.


XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Russian KBA Company


After signing this agreement, the two sides held hands tight, representing win-win cooperation. At this moment, all the witnesses simultaneously started giving thunderous applause that immediately heated up the atmosphere and it took long before it died down. The tight-holding hands embody not only the full trust at each other, but also symbolize XCMG’s ambition that targets the high-end mining market of the globe and the bold to tap into European market with the complete set of mining equipment, which represents the highest manufacturing standard of China.


General Manager of KBA Company Valery·Alexandrovich·Tubaba gives a speech


General Manager of KBA Company Valery·Alexandrovich·Tubaba expressed that, XCMG is one of the world's most famous multinationals in construction machinery industry, its products have been significantly influencing the world and enjoying a good reputation. XCMG’s complete set of large-scale mining machinery has powerful construction capacity, notch-flight equipment, complete after-sales network system and “Leading Technology and Everlasting Products”, all of these traits have been highly valued by them. So they are confident to cooperate with such an excellent corporation.

Reportedly, KBA is a very influential company in Russia and even in the entire East Europe. Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation once inspected this company on August 24. This company has strong strength and enormous influence in this industry.


XCMG equipment participated in Russia’s scientific investigation to Lake Baikal


XCMG 300t mining excavator works with an 110t mining dump truck


Departure for the XCMG's complete sets of large-scale mining equipment exported abroad


According to reports, this strategic cooperation agreement signed between XCMG and this company will not merely help XCMG realize an initial success of USD 10 million, XCMG will also make the best of this opportunity to further open the mining equipment market of Russian and even the entire Europe, it will stride out and stage on the international platform to show the world the highest manufacturing standard of China. XCMG will continue to invest in mining machinery and will have face-to-face competition with global rivalries. It will hit the global market with its “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products” and large-scale, complete-set and intelligent products, aiming to build up an large-scale outdoor kingdom of mining machinery that ranks China's No. 1 and Global Top 3.