Bauma CHINA 2018丨XCMG Appreciation Banquet for Overseas Dealers

Just as a Chinese old saying goes, it is a delightful thing to have friends coming from afar! Yes, it is our great pleasure to meet , both our new and old friends from all over the world.



Being the most high-profile industry event in construction machinery  industry, Bauma CHINA 2018 is also a celebration for  XCMG employess and partners from all over the world to gather together to  further extend friendship, and to envision our brighter future.

In the evening of Nov. 28 at the Longemont Hotel, XCMG held a grand appreciation banquet for global dealers and customers from 70 countries and regions around the world to recognize their long-standing care about and sincere support to XCMG. Mr. Wang MinWang Min, Party Secretary & Chairman of XCMG, Mr. Lu Chuan, President and Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Machinery & Chairman of XCMG IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD.IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD, Dr. Liu JiansenDr Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery & General Manager of XCMG IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD, and XCMG Leading Group, , extended their cordial greetings and warm welcome to all the attendees, and jointly cheered the banquet on behalf of XCMG.

At the Dinner Party, Mr. Wang Min, Party Secretary & Chairman of XCMG, first extended a warm welcome to new and old friends from every corner of the world, and expressed his sincere thanks to all the present for their cooperation, deep care and unremitting support to XCMG.


Mr. Wang Min’s Addressing during banquet.


In his speech, Mr. Wang pointed out, despite drastic turbulences and sweeping adjustments in the global economy in 2018, XCMG has unwaveringly moved on its two-pronged development road, focusing on technological innovation and international expansion, and has always stuck to its gold principle of leading technology,everlasting product and its product strategy of four innovation orientations (technology, reliability, value-added and heavy-duty oriented). Through its unremitting efforts, also thanks to strong support from its global dealers and big customers, XCMG’s main indicators have achieved remarkable improvements: its export volume for the whole year has soared 40% year on year, exceeding USD 1.3 billion, and its products have exported to 182 countries, winning widely praise from customers all over the world. In the future, with strong support of global dealers and friends, and through hard work of our employees, XCMG is sure to achieve a higher quality growth and reap a bigger harvest in its international business next year. In a near future, XCMG will for sure realize its strategic goal of ramping up its overseas revenue share to over 50%, and rising among the top 5 global giants by 2020, and then, the top 3, in the construction machinery industry.

At the Dinner Party, Global Five-star Service Award, Global Welfare Ambassador Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, Outstanding Partner Award and Top 10 Global Dealer Award of XCMG, were conferred on prizewinners to recognize their outstanding contributions to XCMG international campaign.


Dr. Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery & General Manager of XCMG IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD., presented XCMG Award of Global Five-star Services to winners


Ms.Han Bing, Deputy General Manager of XCMG, presented XCMG Award of Global Welfare Ambassadors to winners.


Mr. Li Suoyun, Deputy General Manager of XCMG, presented XCMG Award of Outstanding Contribution to winners.


Mr. Chuan Lu, President of Machinery, Deputy Party Secretary & Chairman of XCMG IMP.&EXP. CO., LTD., presented XCMG Award of Outstanding Partner Award to winners.


Mr. Wang Min, Party Secretary & Chairman, presented XCMG Award of Top 10 Global Dealers to winners.


At the Dinner Party, a stamp collection themed world in inch, love for XCMG, was presented to a beaming Chairman, Mr. Wang Min, who passionately accepted this special gift carrying significant messages and best wishes to XCMG from overseas dealers, sincerely reciprocated them with sincere gratitude and good wishes, and at the same time called for all our partners to, with greater confidence, ratchet up their penetrations in respective focused markets, and make concerted efforts with XCMG to forge a full-fledged global network and to grow into a world-class brand and a world-class enterprise.

Consisting of representative commemorative stamps gleaned at more than 30 countries in 6 major regions where XCMG has a high-profile presence, the stamp collection not only feasted all the present with diverse cultures across the world, but also records the XCMG's route of venturing overseas: with each stamp documenting a global footprint of XCMG brand’s internationalized journey, and demonstrating Made-in-China’s great contributions to the world’s construction and development.

The gala dinner began with the majestic laser show: Galloping Horses. As the displays changed on the screen, the attendees revisited the journey of their cooperation with XCMG and envisioning their development prospects. The elaborately orchestrated dinner party was full of strong Chinese features, and drew repeatedly loud applauses due to its wonderful live performances. In addition to the items being self-scripted by XCMG’s employees, for example, a light-toned chorus You Raise Me up and the Dance: Silk Road Kaleidoscope, there were also professional performances from national performing artists, such as the Song of the Phoenix: one of top 10 famous Chinese folk music songs (playing in a woodwind instrument), the Flying Dragons Vs. Leaping Tigers (playing with percussion instruments), Townships on China’s Southern brooks (umbrella dance) , Charm of Ink Paintings and other wonderful programs. These wonderful artistic performances not only expressed hospitable XCMG folks’ joy of gathering with overseas friends, but also reflected XCMG's unique cultural background, winning warm applauses from the deeply-impressed guests.



On the spot, a XCMG Global Donation Ceremony of Loving Nets was jointly launched by XCMG and its overseas friends. In order to protect African children against various sufferings, such as malaria, dengue fever, Ebola and other diseases from mosquito bites during rainy seasons, compassionate XCMG folks have donated batches of mosquito nets to African children, and called for their overseas friends to participate in this global public welfare campaign. XCMG folks’ universal love has already moved many of their overseas customers, and received their strong response over the years.

Leaders and honored guests from all walks of life, as well as heads of XCMG's main business divisions, were also invited to be presented at the event to communicate with overseas dealers, discuss XCMG's international development strategies and explore opportunities of deepening cooperation, reflecting XCMG's efficiency in collaboration and its confidence and strength in all-round support to overseas market development.



Just as the song Long Live Friendship sang at the end of the event, the distance-defying get-together, long handshaking, sincere greetings, and sea-deep friendship will linger fever in everyone’s memory. Yes, the Party may be short and fleeting, but XCMG's friendship with dealers and customers around the world lasts long, and will go deeper over times. Working together, we can go on faster, and supporting each other, we can go farther. In the future, XCMG will continue, as it has always done, to partner sincerely with all overseas dealers to respond to all challenges, and make concerted efforts to achieve their shared vision of hitting the summit of Industry Everest.