XCMG Participated in Bauma CHINA 2018 with Its 16 Star Products

On November 27, 2018, a nice day in the early winter, it was crowded and bustling in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong, Shanghai as the opening of bauma, a global top event on engineering machinery held once every two years. More than 3,300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries participated in this exhibition with their “steel products”, showing the unique charm of the engineering machinery.



As the mainstay of XCMG, XCMG Excavator Machinery Business Department also participated in this top event in Shanghai with its 16 star products, and released DK series products and “Life Care” service brand, the latest achievement leading the industry, showing the Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises’ power of pursuing high quality and innovating to the world.



The equipment manufacturing industry represents the overall strength of a country. XCMG Excavator insists on innovating and looking into the market demand, and finally developed the DK serious high-end product for heavy duty by improving the core advantages of the D-serious excavator, the “flagship product”, for the mine operations with the highest degree of difficulty.



The fuel consumption of the whole machine is reduced by more than 5%, and even reduced by 20% under the crushing operation; the efficiency under the heavy duty in mines is increased by 10%, the excavation strength is increased by 11%, the excavation efficiency is increased by 3%; the impact of the bucket rod is reduced by more than 77%, and the impact of the swing arm is reduced by more than 55%; the new rock bucket with bucket guard, mouth guard and side stiffener is used, bringing a better shock resistance and wear resistance; the service life of the overall working device is lengthened by 20%; and the adaptability of high temperature 50° is added... The XCMG DK series products with distinctive advantages are more reliable, more efficient and more energy-saving, and can be called as the “new benchmark” in the field of mining excavator in China.



The XE245DK excavator exhibited this time is equipped with the multi-functional intelligent control system independently developed by XCMG, where more than 10 types of machinery modes can be selected by one button to match various working conditions perfectly. Another product, XE400DK, is the master work of XCMG for deeply analyzing demands of mining operation, and it is better than all other like products and fits severe working conditions with its large bucket capacity, super digging force and ultra-low fuel consumption.

Compared with manual work, micro-excavator has the advantages of low cost, sufficient power, high work efficiency and easy maintenance. In Europe and other regions, micro-excavator has gradually replaced manual work. At this exhibition, XCMG Excavator brought three micro-excavators, XE15U, XE35U and XE55U, praised as “town elves”.



XE15U and XE35U, as two stat products, have been famous for their first release at the last bauma in Germany, and this time, XCMG micro-excavators were attention-getting again. “XCMG micro-excavators are popular in Hong Kong. We have been working with XCMG for several years and we trust this brand very much.” Mr. Zhang from TOWNGAS said, “now we are considering cooperating with XCMG more deeply.” In addition to Mr. Zhang, more customers from all over the world were attracted by the dexterous and agile XCMG micro-excavator, which can be said to be the small equipment with the highest popularity in this exhibition.




The XE215Di excavator has perfect man-machine interaction capability and intelligent voice recognition system. You just need to give a command, and the radio, air conditioner, wiper, lighting and other functions can be activated. You can view various image data on the 10-inch touch screen in the cab and receive 360 ° dead-zone free monitoring from four wide-angle cameras. To maintain, the after-sales personnel can push the information such as maintenance information and predictive faults to the display through the mobile phone, so that you can fully understand the latest situation of the equipment.

In addition to these black technologies, XE215Di also has intelligent control system developed by XCMG, as well as 2D slope finishing, 2D electronic fence protection, 3D construction, intelligent online weighing and other cutting-edge technologies, so that you can work in the most complicated working conditions skillfully. XCMG XE215Di with the “super brain” ushers in a new era of intelligent operation of excavators.

Stretching out of the arm and changing its “height”, as a distinctive characteristic of XCMG XEG2600 telescopic boom excavator, attracted the attentions of all those present.

As a “pathfinder” for ultra-deep foundation construction equipment, the XEG2600 is equipped with a telescopic boom with external oil cylinder to flexibly expand the working range to 26m by stretching the oil cylinder. At the same time, the telescopic boom and counterweight of the XEG2600 are also provided with a camera, which greatly enhances the safety of deep pit operation.



At present, this telescopic boom excavator with leading performance, precise control, safety and reliability has shown its superior ability in the fields of integrated pipe gallery construction, subway foundation pit and bridge foundation pit, bringing extraordinary operation experience and value wealth to customers.




At this exhibition, XCMG Excavator’s 9 key components and parts, SLDY317 crawler base, XDZ260 thrust wheel assembly, XDT260 sprocket assembly, XDY260 guiding wheel assembly, XDQ260 driving wheel, XDL260 chain and track assembly, XDL260 -100123 track shoes, XDL155 chain and track assembly and XDL203D chain and track assembly are eye-catching.



XCMG 200t excavator that is 5.5 meters long, 1 meter wide, 1.8 meters high and equivalent to the weight of more than 20 cars is breathtaking with its giant size with “four wheels and one track”. It is developed with some unique technologies such as the super tonnage “four wheels and one track” strength and stiffness design based on operating condition adaptability, once finish forging of track link, integral quenching of tooth surface of large driving wheel, and has 10 independent patents of XCMG, including 4 invention patents.



No accumulation, no success. In the past ten years, XXMG Excavator has always adhered to the “three high and one big” research and development strategy, and built a high-end independent industrial platform for engineering machinery parts and components, which can provide supports for 1.5t-200t hydraulic excavators, 80-320 Hp bulldozers, 40t -400t rotary drilling rigs, whole series of horizontal directional drilling and pavers, crawler cranes and other crawler-type engineering machinery, becoming the only company in China with the capacity of developing and manufacturing whole series of “four wheels and one track” products.