XCMG Employees Working Overseas - XCMG Service Engineer Zhou Ganxiang


In May 2010, Zhou Ganxiang joined the family of XCMG Road Machinery. After seven years, he has grown from a green hand into a most-praise expert in grader. In the past 7 years plus 7 months, he had only 177-day holiday. In these 2,610 days of hard work, he spent 1,045 days working alone in other countries, which gave her great nutrition of growth. In Xinjiang, Ningxia, Henan, Yulin, Venezuela,  Bosnia and Herzegovina and Saudi Arabia, his service won great satisfaction and praise from clients he has ever served.

In August 2016, Zhou Ganxiang was invited to provide tracing service for 30 GR180DXI graders of XCMG owned by Saudi Arabia Peninsula, the largest constructor of road construction in Saudi Arabia. He had been expected to serve them for half a year. However, all employees in the constructor didn’t wish him to leave. So he stayed there for 400 days. After coming back to China for a short period, he was invited again by the Peninsula company. Along with the invitation, two long letters of gratitude were also delivered to XCMG Road Machinery, one from Peninsula company, and one from XCMG Import & Export.

About the 400-day experience, Zhou Ganxiang said “It is worthwhile the hard work”. He was not only referring to the two letters of gratitude, but also the recognition of clients for XCMG products.


3.5 hours and 36 bottles of water

In April-September, Saudi Arabia is hit by high temperature. However, Zhou Ganxiang would reach either the repair workshop or the hot construction site if he was needed there, satisfying the clients with the fastest speed.

One time in QASSIM when the temperature was more than 40 degrees centigrade, the equipment failed due to lack of maintenance. He, together with two local staff, worked three and half hours to repair the equipment, drinking 36 bottles of water to replenish water in the body. However, because the large drainage of sweat brought salt from the body, they felt fatigued and recovered themselves only after going to the drugstore to replenish normal saline. After that, he would place some salty food in the car whenever on business to secure sufficient salt. Each time after the mission was completed, the Peninsula company and clients would thumb up to express praise.



Beyond the 400 days in Saudi Arabia

In this country with tropical desert climate featuring high temperature all year round, Zhou Ganxiang spent more than one year traveling to most of the regions in the country to provide service. The clients said, “Zhou Ganxiang shows up wherever there are XCMG products”.



One time when visiting DAMMAN region in Saudi Arabia, Zhou Ganxiang had an accident. Peninsula company AC maintenance staff unintentionally broke the connector on the AC compressor. To secure the next-day work, they obtained tools and spent two hours repairing it in the night. At night in Saudi Arabia, there are many mosquitoes. The face, hands, limbs and body of Zhou Ganxiang had many swollen parts made by mosquitoes. But he said in smile, “Saudi Arabia not only gave me more than 400 days of hard work, but also the thousands of mosquitoes that I fed.”