Global Supply Chain! “Xuzhou” China Railway Express Sets off Successfully

Xu Donghai, deputy major of Xuzhou City, representatives of relevant government departments, logistics parks and enterprises, and journalists witness this historical moment. Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG Machinery, is invited to attend the opening ceremony and make a speech.

“Xuzhou” China Railway Express provides a safe, efficient and convenient through train for trading between XCMG and Russian clients.

This express carried 100 TEUs
Contained XCMG loader, road roller, grader and other exported goods
With total value of RMB 15.15 million
“Xuzhou” China Railway Express will move northward with XCMG products
It is expected to run 6,700 kilometers
And arrive at Moscow 15 days later

In recent years
XCMG has implemented international strategies
In the counties along the “Belt and Road”
XCMG has already invested over RMB 3 billion
XCMG products cover 97% countries and regions along the route
Ranking the first in the export share of 35 countries
Xuzhou China Railway Express helps
XCMG products go overseas.

Camel bell on the “Belt and Road”
Turns into roar of train
More and more products manufactured in Xuzhou and China
Are starting from Xuzhou to the world!

Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG Machinery, said in the interview that as XCMG clients spread over 183 countries, the products needed to be transferred in multiple directions during the export process before, during which more costs and time were incurred. With the operation of Xuzhou China Railway Express, compared with maritime transport, two thirds of transport time can be saved, shortening the transfer cycle of goods and reducing costs more than 15%.

In the process of global layout, XCMG’s international logistics guarantees the smooth trade and interconnection of infrastructure. As a core competent platform created by XCMG for building an integrated supply chain and developing logistics industry in an all-around way, XCMG Zhilian Logistics Company always supports XCMG to deploy its international strategies.

In 2018 alone, a total of 213 cars of China Railway Express were used to ship XCMG products in the international logistics sector of XCMG Zhilian. Through the China Railway Express, XCMG products have traveled to several countries, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and Poland, and have shown their capabilities on the world stage.

 “Xuzhou” China Railway Express has a far-reaching significance for XCMG developing markets along the “Belt and Road”, promoting overseas layout and achieving breakthroughs in the market.

① “Xuzhou” China Railway Express will support XCMG to implement its international strategies.
② “Xuzhou” China Railway Express can further complement the multimodal transportation system of engineering machinery products.
③ “Xuzhou” China Railway Express helps construct a logistics center in Huaihai Economic Zone.

 “Xuzhou” China Railway Express has become an important carrier for Xuzhou to accelerate its participation in the “Belt and Road” initiative and open wider to the outside world. Since its operation in 2015, the China Railway Express has set off for 105 times and carried goods worth 250,000,000 US dollars. The express has become the most influence international railway transport platform in the Huaihai Economic Zone, and has historical significance for constructing Chinese eastern region and countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and opening Xuzhou wider to the outside world.

The operation of the China Railway Express creates an opportunity for products manufactured in China going overseas and builds a bridge for cooperation between China and European and Asian countries. Through the “Belt and Road” initiative, XCMG goes global, and the China Railway Express is bound to make XCMG more confident and steady on the road of internationalization.