XCMG Cranes Worth More Than 100M RMB Help Facilitate Xinjiang Development

If you are not aware how big China is, please come and visit Xinjiang, where you will learn about the importance of national interest. From the Pamirs to Junggar Basin, from the Tarim River to Tianshan Mountains, the wide asphalt roads have replaced the muddy roads, and the decent houses have replaced the willow branch & clay-made houses. The vast oases are vigorous full of greens. The Red Flag River water project benefits the people and improves the ecology. Today, people coming to Xinjiang fully recognize the fundamental changes happening to the western part of China.



The 20-year efforts in Going West in China have benefited the entire Xinjiang greatly. These achievements cannot be done without the wise decisions made by governments in Xinjiang, the work of over 20,000 cranes and efforts of more than 50,000 crane operators in Xinjiang.



In the beginning of 2019, Xinjiang, whose lowest temperature re`aches minus 18 degrees, is accumulating huge energy for development in spite of the cold weather. 500 owners of operating cranes in Xinjiang gathered in Urumqi to discuss development of hoisting industry in the region. The event received great attention from local governments, chambers of commerce, trade associations and media. Many orders were signed on the site. XCMG cranes worth 100M RMB, including XCA1200. This marks that hoisting industry in Xinjiang will embrace a booming year.



As the source region and explorer of the engineering machinery in China, XCMG Cranes has wonderful relations with Xinjiang. Since last century, XCMG cranes has established its roots in the frontier, helping Xinjiang secure development. Xinjiang people prefer the concentration and down-to-the-earth working styles of XCMG products and employees. Because of this, we can, in the nearly three decades, build many extreme projects and brilliant results for Xinjiang with 60% market share as the most important force of equipment.


Guo Wenbin, Chairman of Xinjiang XCMG Haihong, was speaking


As the most capable partner of XCMG Cranes in Xinjiang, Xinjiang XCMG Haihong has been working hard to explore the market in the past decade, making excellent contributions to hoisting industry in the region. At the meeting, Chairman Guo Wenbin of Xinjiang XCMG Haihong gave an emotional speech, recalling the development in the past ten years. Thanks to the trust and support from clients and hoisting companies in Xinjiang, we have gained the deep friendship. In the future, XCMG promises to create ever greater values for clients in terms of product and service.


Vice President Zhang Hanyu of XCMG Crane Machines BD was speaking to the benchmark clients in Xinjiang


As a strategic region along the Belt & Road, Xinjiang has great prospect of development and will definitely achieve big in the future. The construction of infrastructures and airport, energy development, ecological building, and across-country trade will bring opportunities for hoisting industry in Xinjiang. Vice President Zhang Hanxu of XCMG Crane Machines BD, made promises to benchmark clients in Xinjiang. For loyal clients, XCMG will gradually adopt the 360-degree all-life cycle service model. It will provide all life-cycle service assurance and support ranging from crane model selection, equipment design, maintenance and repair, and equipment upgrading in the process of product use, to the business expansion and brand upgrading in the operation process of clients, and disposal of equipment residual values after the end of product use. By investing in more service resources, it will upgrade the ability of local service providers and facilitate development of service outlets in cities and counties, thus providing solid foundation for the service for Xinjiang clients.


General Manager Peng Ai of XCMG Crane Machines BD, Northwest Marketing Center, is introducing to the clients about XCMG Cranes’ advantages in R&D and manufacturing based on entire life cycle of products.


At the meeting, the Program of Safeguarding Hoisting Safety was kicked off in Xinjiang, meaning the entire hoisting industry and operators in Xinjiang, while pursuing the quantity increase, are also safeguarding quality of industry development from the bottom of the heart. Mr. Teng Yongdong, representative of Xinjiang Hoisting Association and General Manager of Urumqi Jun’antai Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd., said in his speech, “To make sure all hoisting operators in Xinjiang make a better living, and secure the safety of hoisting, we should cherish the platform provided by XCMG and work in concerted efforts to safeguard the stability of hoisting order in Xinjiang and improve the quality of hoisting development.”


Teng Yongdong, General Manager of Urumqi Jun’antai Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd., was making a speech.


Till today, XCMG has sold nearly 15,000 units of the G-generation products launched in the market three years ago. The clients of G-generation products give great praise. The performance of G-generation exceeds expectations of the industry, gradually replacing the K-series products and other products that had been popular for two decades and becoming the mainstream model favored in the market. In particular in the Xinjiang development in the past three years, nearly 300 G1 cranes of XCMG took more than 30% of workload in Xinjiang, becoming the dominant mainstream model in various construction sites.



In the beginning of 2019, we stand at the new starting point and look into the future. The hoisting industry in Xinjiang will present the new image and facilitate greater development in the beautiful Xinjiang and contribute to the 70th Anniversary of New China.