Bauma Munich 2019 |XCMG, Bellwether in the Long March on the International Loader Market

XCMG’s XC958E and X938E Loaders

The triennial Bauma Munich in Germany kicked off amid intermittent drizzles, disturbing the tranquil peace of quaint streets in Bavaria.

A Candid Photo of Long Rows of Shiny Equipment Parading in XCMG Exhibition Area.

Towering arms high in the air, colossal shovels and crowds of boisterous spectators..., these are just a few clips from the ongoing 32nd Bauma Munich, a global construction machinery pageantry, where XCMG comes here for a tenth time. At this year’s grand event, the twin debutants: XC938E and XC958E loaders came into the limelight at once.

XCMG Loader: an International Trendsetter

In order to adapt to global needs and requirements, besides the 7 prominent features with all XCMG loader variants: technological sophistication, reliability, low fuel consumption, efficiency, comfort, convenience and a 30% more bucket capacity, as you all have known, the twin loaders are not only superior to the Chinese-III emission standards, but also compliant with the EU-V emission standards. With XCMG proprietary engine curved, electro-hydraulic load sensing system, they can raise the energy efficiency by more than 15% in a single product combined application, and does the cost-efficiency by 3% in a multimode selection application.

Visitors Thumbed up to XCMG’s XC9 Serial Loaders.

As a typical model in new-type intelligent XCMG loaders, XC9 serial loader employs intelligently-controlled automatic gear-shifting technology, provides reasonable gear-shifting options based on the principle of optimizing transmission efficiencies, and at the same time, can cooperate with FNR switch functions of KD gear and control handle, as a result, simplifying operation, enhancing efficiency, and saving fuels.

A Young XCMG Fan is having a try on XC958E Loader.

In addition to a series of intelligent technologies, there are marked improvements on man-machine interaction and intelligent driver cabin. With the man-machine interaction function developed based on JACK simulation technology and findings on trajectories of all joints, XC9 serial products can operate to operator’s orders, as a result, being able to set automatic lifting heights according to actual working conditions, and slow down automatically at start, stop, or while approaching the limiter, to lay flat the bucket. Their intelligent temperature control system designed based on the wind field theories contributes to comfort in the driver cabin, while their other features, such as partition-style dust collection, gasket sealing and noise reduction, help to ensure a clean operating space in bad environments. Their driver cabin can overturn sideways, making maintenance easier and more convenient.

Casting off stereotyped images with Made-in-China loader brands, XC9 serial loader takes on a refreshing look, exuding an air of reliability, intelligence and innovation, and burnishing the credentials of XCMG loaders as an international trendsetter. In 2018, XCMG exported about 100 sets of XC948 loaders to the United States for local infrastructure projects, prying open the door to international high-end markets and leaving its mark in the history of the Chinese loader export.

It is no accident for XC9 series loaders to be popular with their international customers. It is the combined result from innovation, R&D, manufacturing improvement, and service promotion at XCMG Loader Department over years. In response to construction conditions in various regions across the world and different operation habits in various markets, the Department has constantly made adaptive product improvements and promoted comprehensive product upgrades.

A Cute Kid is Posing for a Photo Alongside XCMG XC9 Serial Loader.

Nowadays, under the correct guidance of XCMG’s internationalization strategy, XCMG Loader Department has made an impressive achievement of leading the industry in export volume for 30 years in a row. So far, it has mass-exported its products, more than one time, to Australia, Turkey and other countries, piling deeper and deeper into international high-end markets and rising to be among the world’s top-class brands.