Rescue in Shuicheng County!

At 21:20 on July 23, a serious landslide occurred in Chagou, Pingdi village, Jichang town, Shuicheng county, Liupanshui city, Guizhou province. All mud and stones poured down from the uninterrupted mountains, and 21 houses were buried. According to a villager living near the landslide, the disaster was accompanied by loud roars, tremors and shakes. “It was so horrible!”

Up to now, a total of 26 people have been searched out, 15 of whom have died, 11 have survived, and another 30 still missing. According to field specialists, the overall landslide is estimated to be 2 million cubic meters.

After hearing of the disaster, Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee, issued an instruction the first time that XCMG equipment should be immediately dispatched to join the rescue. XCMG Excavator Business Division responded quickly, took the initiative to get in touch with the rescue team of the First Engineering Department in the Third Subsidiary of China Anneng First Engineering Bureau, and dispatched two local excavators to the disaster area that night.

At 6:00 am on July 24, two XCMG excavators hurried at double speed for four hours. They were immediately put into the intensive rescue work after reaching the disaster area, and made every effort to safeguard and support with spare parts. As the first social company rescue force that rushed to the scene, XCMG excavators provided all-around and timely support for the rescue and won more moments to rescue the trapped people.

On the morning of 25th, the on-site headquarter asked for XCMG to dispatch larger equipment according to the rescue needs and complete confidence in the high reliability of XCMG excavators. At present, XCMG has assembled another 5 large excavators (4 XE370D and 1 XE400D) and been always ready to rush to the rescue and relief work when the traffic conditions are available.

The danger ahead is growing and the disaster is heart-wrenching. The second landslide occurred on the afternoon of the 25th, which led to the suspension of the rescue and brought more difficulties to the rescue. When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters. XCMG excavator customers around the disaster area actively contacted and requested to join the rescue. Up to now, five excavators have been put into intense rescue efforts. At the same time, another two XCMG excavators (one 135D and one 150D) is rushing to the disaster area. In addition, two extension jib excavators have been coordinated to deal with debris flow accumulations in the barrier lake.

On the morning of July 26, XCMG Excavator established a professional support and rescue team at the scene, and put up four XCMG rescue tents to guarantee with spare parts for rescue on duty day and night.

The danger is not over yet, and XCMG workers can’t stop! By the deadline of submission, XCMG rescue team has started rescue in larger scale. XCMG is expecting to hear more good news.

From Wenchuan earthquake to Ya’an earthquake, from the big explosion in Tianjin to the explosion accident in Xiangshui, XCMG workers have already had the awareness and skills of quick response against the clock. XCMG once again showcased its core values of “Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting with Great Morals and Making Great Achievements” by practical actions in front of catastrophes!