XCMG Attends the Achievement Exhibition on Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of China

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On this glorious occasion, the achievement exhibition of Jiangsu Province on commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China opened in Nanjing.

Looking back over two centuries, we can see the unchanging dream of Jiangsu people, and the faces of those victims, strugglers and reformers are once again clear. XCMG, as a leading equipment manufacturer in China, yielded brilliant results in this meaningful event.

Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, visits the XCMG exhibition area

Two XCMG products are put at the most conspicuous position at the entrance of the exhibition, which were driven by General Secretary Xi on his visit to Xuzhou.

What catches our sight first is XCMG’s XCA220 crane.

This crane was driven by General Secretary Xi Jinping on his visit to XCMG on December 12, 2017. With more than 30 core patents, it has entered a number of markets of developed countries and reached the world’s most advanced level in terms of performance and man-machine interactive system.

Qin Xiaohu, staff of XCMG exhibition area: the XCA220 is a five-axle all-terrain crane with the best performance in the world and a number of self-developed technologies. General Secretary Xi got into the cab with great interest and operated the crane when he visited XCMG. At that time, he encouraged us to explore a road of development on our own.

On the other side of the exhibition area is the first transformable construction machinery manufactured by XCMG. The machine can travel in mountains and rivers. General Secretary Xi once called it an “Steel Mantis”.

Zhang Jie, staff of XCMG exhibition area: This excavator is suitable for both plateau and flat area. When visiting XCMG, General Secretary Xi watched the demonstration of this machine and jokingly called it an “Steel Mantis”, which has been known ever since.

On the board “drawing a new development blueprint of Jiangsu” was a large picture of General Secretary Xi’s Visit to XCMG. He also raised his earnest expectations for XCMG. “We must always attach great importance to the development and expansion of the real economy and should not turn to virtual economy and develop in a single way.” “Manufacturing is the base for the development of real economy. At present, we need to focus on innovation-driven development, master key technology and apply them.”……General Secretary Xi motivated XCMG workers and guided XCMG’s development..

In the past 20 years, more than 700,000 XCMG construction machinery products have been sold in total. A XCMG crane is assembled and off the line per 25 minutes. 50% of mobile cranes in China and 30% in the world come from XCMG.

Overcoming various technical difficulties by self-independent innovation, and developing more than 100 kind’s of first-of-its-kind equipment in China, XCMG has manufactured 70 lines of products from 14 categories, showing the world its “core power”.

Hanyun Industrial Internet Platform and life-cycle product management system reflect XCMG’s “strength” in the information-based field.


Living up to General Secretary Xi’s expectation, XCMG ushers in its high-quality development. 

In 2018, XCMG realized its annual revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, with main operating incomes increasing by 41.2% year on year, total exports by 22% and profits by 89.9%. All indicators increased steadily in the first half of this year.

There are too many exciting stories of XCMG in the 70 years,

In Hall 2 of Nanjing International Expo Center

The event will continue until October 28

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