XCMG Apprentice Program inspires creative talents with an insightful visit to the company

The renowned annual program of XCMG - XCMG Apprentice is back for the fifth season with the theme “XCMG CREATORS.” Five apprentices from five different countries were chosen as the finalists among over 5,500 applications all around the world. 

The latest edition of the acclaimed program welcomed these five international apprentices to join the “XCMG Creators” project and to have a five-day visit at XCMG’s headquarters in Xuzhou, China. Aiming to inspire creative sparkles and to push forward the innovation of the construction machinery industry, this year, XCMG invited a group of visionaries coming from different backgrounds and professions with the same passion for the construction machinery industry.


The five apprentices respectively from India, Mexico, Philippines, the U.S., and Italy, among which there are world-famous artists, the “first lady” of India graffiti art, experienced industrial design, professional in international relations and talent in the architecture industry. With a special emphasis on creation and innovation, the program took these five apprentices to the inside of XCMG Group to the wonderland of the construction machinery world.

Insightful Tour into the XCMG Group

The apprentices were given a chance to go inside the XCMG factories and to be a part of an comprehensive and interactive tour of XCMG’s facilities. XCMG also offered them the opportunity to engage in the daily operations of the company at all levels. 

The apprentices also visited different divisions of XCMG, including the XCMG Research Institute, where they got to step into Asia’s largest vibration and noise lab.



Hands-on the Advance XCMG Products

The apprentice also got the chance to operate construction equipment themselves, including China’s largest-tonnage loader, the LW1200K, the intelligently designed truck G9 Hanvan Heavy Duty Truck, the electric drive dump truck XDE110 Dump Truck with a rated loading capacity of 11000kg. XCMG also invited the apprentices to enjoy the operation experience by participating in fun interactive games, including football games with XCMG Excavator XE15U, Lego Puzzle Game with XCMG Loaders and ET112 mobile walking Excavators operating performance.


Art on XCMG Machines

Apart from the talents from the construction machinery industry, this year, XCMG also invited distinguished artists to join the program and to inject new inspiration into it. With the help of the two artists from Italy and India, five apprentices together completed two graffiti artworks on an XCMG Excavator and an XCMG Truck. Also, the apprentices had a fun time learning about laser sintering and doing ground framing art with XCMG products. The combination of tough XCMG machines and the apprentices’ creative artistic talents brought out great masterpieces.



Inspiring Conversation with the Industry Elites

As a tradition in every season of XCMG Apprentice, the five lucky XCMG Creators were offered a precious opportunity to meet and share ideas with Mr. Wang Min, Group Chairman of XCMG. 

Apart from meeting Group Chairman, Apprentices also learned a lot of insight into entrepreneurship through sharing sessions with leaders and senior workers in different XCMG divisions.



Immersive Experience of Authentic Chinese Culture

Aside from all the experience in the construction machinery wonderland, as one of China’s leading companies, XCMG also invites the apprentices to experience the authentic Chinese culture. Eggshell carving experience, traditional Chinese opera performance, and traditional Chinese shadow play all offered the apprentice a genuine insight into the Chinese culture.


Launched in January 2016, the program was created to offer global apprentices the opportunity to learn about XCMG, its innovative technologies and global influence while fostering international exchange and promoting Chinese culture in the construction machinery industry.