XCMG Tire Roller has made new breakthrough in Vietnam market!


As the leader of China's road machinery industry, XCMG should not only be a leader, forerunner and explorer in the Chinese market, but also adhere to the globalization strategy and innovation. It is committed to becoming the world's leading player for solution of road machinery, making XCMG's “Wisdom” shine in the “Belt and Road”. 


On the eve of the National Day, XCMG Road Machinery Appreciation Meeting was held in Vietnam


Since the second half of the year, XCMG Tire Roller has continued to “penetrate” the Vietnam market with the efforts of local dealers, relying on advanced and reliable product quality and efficient service. From scratch, from small to large, XCMG Tire Roller has made new breakthroughs step by step and won the favor of local customers.


The activity venue is full of distinguished guests


Since opening up the Vietnam market, XCMG Tire Roller's two star products XP303 and XP263 have captured the hearts of many customers. For a long time, XCMG Tire Roller has been loved by the public for its high efficiency, reliability, comfort, high value-added, and has become the preferred brand for customers! 


Flags of XCMG waving high in Vietnam above the market champion, XCMG tire rollers


XCMG is confident to face the test of overseas markets and participate in the global market competition. In 1966, XCMG developed China’s first tire roller. After 71 years of hard work, XCMG has fully possessed the technology and strength to build a world-class tire roller!


At the event, customers tried XCMG tire roller one after another


XCMG Tire Roller on key roads in Vietnam

XCMG Road Machinery has long been committed to providing the best quality products and the most efficient service to customers all over the world, so that people can enjoy efficient, convenient, comfortable, reliable and better road machinery solutions. At present, XCMG Road Machinery has exported to more than 180 countries and regions in the world.

Looking to the future, XCMG Road Machinery will undoubtedly bring you more wonderful and pleasant surprises.


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