CCTV-Journey of Discovery! Mystery behind XCMG’s best-selling truck-mounted Crane for 16 consecutive years!




“With the soul of great originality,undertake the responsibility”

 “Quality” program of CCTV-Journey of Discovery channel

15 minutes

Bring you to into the innovation and development road of XCMG’s truck-mounted crane for 17 years

At the beginning of establishment, everything was relatively backward. There are few types of products and immature technology 


Chen Zhiwei, Assistant General Manager of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane:

Nearly two decades of development has witnessed four generations of XCMG truck-mounted cranes. Evolution of products is not only a constant chase of profession, lightweight, multi-function and intelligence, but also a customer-oriented process constantly focusing on the market, indicating the continuous breakthrough in technological innovation and unshakable concept of persisting in innovation.


The third generation M and K series and the fourth generation N and G series truck-mounted crane coexist at the same time, meeting various requirements of different users. XCMG also developed and expanded in this process, and gradually mastered the R&D and manufacturing technology of core parts such as lifting winch, rotary reducer and rotary distributor.

Sun Xiaojun, General Manager of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane:

Our core transmission parts are in China, and we are the only company in the industry with a in-house rate of over 90%.


Ranking China’s first in sales for 15 consecutive years

and maintaining the market share above 50% for 8 consecutive years

has established its leading brand image of China's truck-mounted crane.

In recent years, XCMG also extended its tentacles to the field of bridge inspection vehicle, aerial work platform, road repair vehicle and other special vehicles.


Li Genwen, Deputy Director of Technical Center of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane:

Production of special-purpose vehicles is in surplus, whereas products in some market segments are in short supply. There is even an embarrassing situation of no available vehicle in some segments. As China's leading construction machinery enterprise, we must undertake the national and social responsibility. Therefore, special vehicles such as bridge inspection vehicles, aerial work vehicles, road wreckers, and anti-collision buffer vehicles were born in XCMG.


On May 14, 2018,

XCMG’s bridge inspection vehicle exported to South Korea for the first time, 

breaking the long-term monopoly of international bridge inspection brand in the mid

 -high-end market. This is also a start point for globalization of XCMG inspection vehicle.

Diao Qi, Director of Marketing Department of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane Sales Company:

We need to improve ourselves in an all-round way by looking for "picky" customers. Actually, such customers are the most loyal customers and beneficial to the development of our enterprise.

Sun Xiaojun, General Manager of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane:

Is the product good? This should be judged by the users. Actually, the difference between us and the first-class or top brands in the world is the fretting and smoothness of movement, which cannot be tested in our test field. We should consult more experienced people in the end market. If such kind of user is available and he puts forward many strict requirements, he is not evil with you, but help you improve. That will be the good fortune for XCMG

Kong Fanxiang, Director of XCMG’s Truck-mounted Crane Quality Department:

We have established a database of internal and external market feedback failure patterns to strengthen data-based problem analysis and process control capabilities by fully utilizing Six Sigma methodology and quality tools. Every XCMG people should deeply realize that, quality is not only the life, but also the foundation of long-term success of an enterprise, quality is the dignity, and failure to achieve quality is a shame.


From the annual total output of 3000 units when it was first established, to the 50,000th truck-mounted crane rolled off the production line, 

from the negligible market share, to the leading domestic market share for 15 consecutive years,

and from the appearance of complete solutions in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, to the bridge inspection vehicle going overseas for the first time,

XCMG Truck-mounted Crane Business Division developed from scratch and from weakness to strength.

It’s just the epitome of the development of special vehicles in China.

Moreover, XCMG has also achieved improvement in scale and quality of operations.

XCMG’s truck-mounted crane will continue to lead China's boom-type special vehicle industry with deep promotion of the “Belt and Road” Initiative helping the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and making greater and new contributions to the "Two hundred years" goal for our country.