Keep Spouting for 60 Years! Power of XCMG behind the Largest Oil Field in China

At the end of last month and the beginning of this month, as the people across the country celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, China's energy industry has repeatedly announced significant exploration results, large-scale oil fields and gas fields have been discovered in Ordos, Sichuan Basin and Tarim Basin. The big news in succession are really exciting.


Looking back to the 70 years of development of New China, exploration of high-tech industries and people’s basic necessities of life are inseparable from “Daqing”, a name came from the oil-field and named after the National Day.

Photo source: Xinhua News Agency


In 1959, with the development of China, people's life is on the right track.

In September 26 of that year, the newly explored Daqing Oilfield is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the founding of New China as a special gift.

Since 1959, “Black gold” spouted out from here, “The iron man spirit” spouted out from here, and “China’s pride” also spouted out from here.

For sixty years, with high-yield all the way, Daqing Oilfield shines like a black pearl in Northeast China, and was more firmly known as "China's largest oilfield". This year, as an extremely important part of oilfield exploitation, Daling Refinery, also the supporting industry of Daqing City, welcomed the expansion project, and XCMG took part in it as an important power, including four sets of 100-130T machines and more than 10 sets of 50-80T machines that undertake the responsibility of steel structure assembly, welding and lifting. 

As the “internal skeleton” of plant, it is necessary to make sure the connection of each reinforcement bar is installed without error. In order to ensure the complete reliability of welding process, the frame should be horizontally fixed for four hours at least without offset. “The equipment and vehicles are densely distributed in the plant, and the lifting height is up to 80 meters, our operators are basically “blind driving”, this not only tests the tacit understanding of the commander and operator, but also requires extremely high requirements for the transfer force, fretting, stability and durability of the crane.” According to Master Li, who participated in the construction, all the equipments entered the plant in early July. Due to tight construction period, the cranes are working all the time. Under overloaded operation, the XCMG crane he drove was still able to complete the task without failure. Now the construction of plant has been basically completed, and all the lifting equipments have exited. 

The successful development of Daqing Oilfield can be regarded as the demonstration in national energy industry. A large number of petrochemical factories have been blooming all over the country in recent decades. 

Shaoguan, Guangdong Province: XCMG truck crane and tower crane! You lift high things, and I am responsible for heavy stuffs! In Shaoguan Power Plant, QAY300 is contributing to the urban development.

Xinxiang, Henan Province: The construction site of Xinxiang Company of the State Grid. This project has a large investment, long cycle and high attention. XCMG XCT110 won the approval of construction unit with super performance and won the bid.

Xingtai, Hebei Province: perfect match of QAY300, XCT130, XCA220 and XCT80L5 help the transfer and turning of 155 tons of steel plate in the air in 360 degree. 

Kunming, Yunnan Province: Kunming PetroChina Refinery, the first time of XCT130’s full extension with two jibs lifting was stunning.

Kaifeng, Henan Province: Jinkai chemical plant, XCA300 super-lifting and main arm with 80 tons of counterweight easily lifted the 35 tons reaction tower.


Petroleum and petrochemical industry is not only related to the daily life of people, but also the state plans such as aerospace industry. XCMG Crane will continue to give full play to the supporting role and help the energy and chemical industry to release energy for national development with good quality, and store energy for future.