XCMG won the bid of the world renowned mining giant Rio Tinto Group

Recently, XCMG earthmoving and wheel loader equipment won the bid of the world-renowned mining group Rio Tinto in Australia. More XCMG’s “heavy equipment” will appear in the vast world of Rio Pilbara. Through this cooperation, XCMG will supply heavy mining equipment to Rio Tinto's iron ore operations in the Pilbara region of Australia.


XCMG mining machinery, with leading technology and excellent product quality, are being favored by more and more high-end customers in the world.

As a leader in China's construction machinery, XCMG has made great progress in product development, intelligent manufacturing, and technological innovation in recent years. XCMG's brand influence has increased globally, in the “Belt and Road” and even the high-end markets in Europe, America and Australia. XCMG has repeatedly won large orders, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign brands on the high-end market.

As early as 2015, XCMG and Rio Tinto Group partnered on XCMG’s hydraulic cylinder products. XCMG’s first 400-ton excavator hydraulic cylinders have been successfully used in the Australian mining area for 10,000+ hours, continuously refreshing the record of trouble-free running time of China's core components, ranking among the best in the world.

Rio Tinto Group awarded XCMG with HSE Certification Medal

This August, a senior delegation of Rio Tinto Group made a special trip to XCMG, and visited XCMG’s business divisions such as excavator, mining machinery, road machinery, hydraulic components. They visited XCMG’s product lines, and felt XCMG's modern R&D and manufacturing capabilities and excellent quality assurance system. Excavator with a load of 700 tons, mining truck with a load of 400 tons... Rio Tinto delegation learned about XCMG's complete set of mining products.

This August, Stefan Buys, president of Rio Pilbara Mining, visited XCMG to further strengthen the partnership.


Mark Davies, Vice President of Global Sourcing of Rio Tinto, said: "XCMG is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in China and the world. We are very pleased to strengthen our cooperation with XCMG.”


Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery, said: "XCMG Mining Machinery is confident that it will embrace the all-weather non-stop industrial and mining challenges. It will open a new chapter in cooperation with globally renowned mining companies such as Rio Tinto with quality products and services. This also marks XCMG’s stride to the global high-end markets.”


From the supplier of core components to the supplier of complete sets of machinery, XCMG and Rio Tinto have been cooperating more and more closely, demonstrating the unique charm of Chinese equipment manufacturing on the world stage.


Rio Tinto Group

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